The inhuman face of Swedish wind power

by Peter Skeel Hjorth, Danish Journalist

Wind farms are being increasingly questioned in countries that have many of them, for they did not permit to close a single nuclear or fossil fuel plant, and failed to reduce CO2 emissions. With time they will also increase sharply the price of electricity; and this will further hurt European industry, already beleaguered by competition from emerging economic giants like China.

It stands to reason that wind farms’ perceived climate change benefits should be measured by independent scientists before Sweden ploughs huge amounts of tax money into their development. Likewise, we need an objective assessment of the collateral damage their expansion will cause to people, the economy, and the environment.

In any event, the raw power of big money should not be allowed to trample people and their lives. Sweden is a democracy founded on the rule of law, and throwing away this principle is a risky proposition. Once this democratic safeguard is gone, the door will be open to all kinds of abuses, including totalitarian practices.    Read entire article

Reindeer habitat fair game to the wind industry

Reindeer Concerns a Problem for Lapland Wind Farm

By Martin Laine   Digital Journal

Concerned about the effect a proposed wind farm will have on their reindeer herds, a group of Samis in the far north of Sweden have rejected a compensation package from the developer.

“We say no. The money is not in parity with the problems this causes and the threat against our reindeer herding,” said Anders Ruth, a Sami from the Ostra Kikkejaure district. The plan calls for 1,101 wind turbines to be built in Markbygden by the wind power firm Svevind, with the backing of the Swedish government. Continue reading