Time for Wynne to deal with that rural Ontario “thing”: wind turbines

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Dear Ms. Wynne,
Now that we have gotten this “Toronto thing” out of the way; let’s get this rural Ontario “thing” – wind turbines – out of the way. We want a moratorium and answers to our questions as to why so many people are being adversely affected. We will not accept replies that are condescending and dismissive.

Dr. Michael Nissenbaum, one of the authors of “Effects Of Industrial Wind Turbine Noise On Sleep And Health,2012” – the Mars Hill epidemiological study, says it best:   “If someone came into a doctor’s office and said they have chest pain and the physician said ‘It’s all in your head,’ without investigating, that would be the height of malpractice. It’s the same thing if patients are complaining of sleep disturbances and other ill effects, and off the top of your head you claim they’re making it up and it’s about the way the turbines look, especially when there’s a known, plausible mechanism for why people could be affected. There’s nothing magical about the effect that people are sleeping poorly due to the noise. There’s nothing difficult to understand or fantastical. Nothing stretches your belief.

This whole issue has always been about ethics and what the application of the practical limits are of harm – i.e., what you can reasonably accept in the way of harm of the rural population.

I would hope that instead you will want to know why it is, despite the all the excuses of the wind industry and the MOE, that people still are being affected? Why are there increasing reports of vertigo and nausea with the latest projects?

The first step to getting those answers is a moratorium on construction of projects. That would be a real show of understanding and respect for rural Ontario.

And, instead of becoming the Minister of Agriculture, you should create and head a new Ministry, “The Ministry of Ethics” to oversee the other ministries.

We need a Minister to protect us from the Ministers.

Harvey Wrightman

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Join Toronto Wind Action for a special Beach community meeting

Friday, November 12, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.
Memorial Hall, St Aidan’s Anglican Church
70 Silver Birch Ave, Toronto Ontario
Phone 416-567-5115 for more information
Press is welcome

Dr Lu Lombardi, infrasound expert, and Carmen Krogh, retired pharmacist and member of The Society for Wind Vigilance will speak on the health dangers of turbines.  This is your chance to understand the serious mythologies that surround turbines as a source of energy and what turbines in our Great Lakes will do to our communities, wildlife, birds and bats, your children’s health, and your drinking water.

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Toronto Wind Action hosts Community Meeting

Thursday, May 27  7:00 pm

Wilfred Laurier Collegiate Cafeteria
145 Guildwood Parkway, Scarborough, ON

For more information:  Toronto Wind Action

Experts speakers in wind, medical and economics

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