Ontario community concerned with the proximity of wind farms to residents

By Tomas Urbina, McGill Daily

Residents of Prince Edward County, Ontario, are opposing the push of several large wind power developers eager to begin building in the area. Situated south of Belleville between the Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario, the region is a peninsula. The high and relatively consistent airflow makes it attractive to wind-powered energy developers. However, business and citizen groups in the county argue that wind power developments pose a threat to human health and safety, wildlife, and the economic prosperity in the region.

Orville Walsh, a representative of the County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy (CCSAGE), explained some of the health effects of living near wind farms. “On a global basis, you’ll find people that are living close to [turbines] are having a lot of troubles with either noise or low-frequency vibrations – and by close I mean less than two kilometres,” Walsh said. Continue reading

Thunder Bay Joins the Fight

By Jamie Smith  tbnewswatch

A group of concerned citizens is blown away by the city’s plan to lease land near Big Thunder to make a wind farm. Around 50 people were at the Neebing Roadhouse Tuesday evening to form the first Nor’Wester Mountains Escarpment Citizens Coalition meeting. The group discussed environmental, social and health concerns about the proposed Big Thunder Wind Park; a 27 megawatt farm that would place 18 turbines across the Neebing skyline. Continue reading

Tourism Concerns Ignored

Globe and Mail

It’s a sad day when Ontario’s Environment Minister trivializes the preservation of landscapes by declaring that renewable energy development won’t slow down “just to preserve scenic views” (Blowing Up A Storm – June 11).

John Gerretsen should visit localsknow.ca – the website launched by the Canadian Tourism Commission to promote travel across Canada. According to the federal government, tourism generates more wealth in Canada than agriculture, fisheries and forestry combined. Continue reading