Political contributions from renewable corporations to Liberal Party of Ontario

(reprint) See how much renewable companies have contributed $$$$ directly to get the McGuinty Liberals in power to do their bidding:
2010: $140,000
2009: $108,000
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Wolfe Island wind plant still harming birds in Important Bird Area

A dead white-tailed eagle killed in the Smøla wind-farm, off the Norwegian coast. Photo Espen Lie Dahl.

by Ted Cheskey Nature Canada

Last May, I blogged about a report that described how birds and bats have been affected by the TransAlta wind plant on Wolfe Island, a globally significant Important Bird Area in southern Ontario known for its waterfowl, raptors and swallows. I called the numbers of birds and bats being killed by TransAlta’s turbines “shockingly high,” indeed the highest recorded in Canada and one of the highest in North America.

However, since the report only studied a six month period, TransAlta’s spokespeople argued that it was premature to reach conclusions so soon, especially when comparing the Wolfe Island deaths to yearly casualty rates for other wind plants. Besides, TransAlta reasoned, the results appeared to be within the thresholds of acceptable limits set by provincial and federal government regulators. Continue reading

Death of 10 raptors on Wolfe Island concerns naturalist

Wolfe Island  – Bird & Bat Monitoring Report

Environment Canada – Comments on Wolfe Island Post-Construction Monitoring Report 

Further Analysis Here

By Mike Norris, The Whig Standard

There were fewer birds and bats killed by wind turbines on Wolfe Island in the first half of 2010 than during the previous six months, but the number of dead raptors is cause for concern, says a bird expert.

During the period between Jan. 1 and June 30 of last year, 10 raptor carcasses were recovered, compared to 12 between July 1 and Dec. 31, 2009.  Seven red-tailed hawks, one osprey, one northern harrier and one turkey vulture comprised the group of 10 raptors killed by the giant blades. Continue reading

Transalta scolds residents for “not cooperating” as they appeal to Ontario Assessment Review Board

By Paul Schliesmann, The Kingston Whig Standard

A Wolfe Island couple’s upcoming property assessment hearing could jeopardize the future of wind turbine projects across Ontario.

Gail and Ed Kenney have been granted a potentially precedent-setting date with the Ontario Assessment Review Board in November to argue that their property has been devalued by nearby wind turbines. Continue reading

Dismal post construction monitoring report for Wolfe Island

Source: Transalta        Download full report

Correcting seasonally for searcher efficiency, scavenger and other removal rates, and the percent area searched, the 12 raptor/vulture and 88 other bird carcasses recovered represent approximately 602 bird fatalities over the course of this [six month] Reporting Period.

This is from the post construction monitoring report by TransAlta which owns and operates the Wolfe Island industrial wind facility through its wholly owned subsidiary Canadian Hydro Developers.