Kincardine acknowledges health problems reported by residents in wind developments

The Kincardine Independant
Kincardine council has passed a motion to officially acknowledge the health problems reported by residents who live with in wind energy developments in the municipality.

The motion, introduced by councillor Ron Coristine, also confirms that the municipality is willing to continue talks with wind energy developers, the provincial government, other local governments, health agencies and residents affected by wind turbines to “develop effective mitigation measures.”

Mayor Larry Kraemer expressed concern over the wording of the motion. “We certainly don’t have the expertise to acknowledge health-related problems,” he said. “It could open us up to legal repercussions, in my opinion.”

Coristine countered that it is time the municipality recognized what is happening in its municipality. “Whether I’m a doctor or not is irrelevant,” he said. “People are telling us they are suffering from this and we’re acknowledging that.”

Council voted in favour of the motion, with just Kraemer and councillor Ken Craig voting against it.

Mike Crawley and International Power leave community in tatters

Mike Crawley, President, International Power Canada (IPR-GDF Suezis also recently elected President of the Federal Liberal Party.   To date, this company has refused to help any of the residents who are seriously suffering in the Erie Shores complex.
Letter from Resident of the Lake Erie Shores Wind Facility: Continue reading

MOE Admits They Will Not Enforce Noise Regulations

(Reprint from 2009american-gothic-447x533)

Letter dated Sept 30, 2009 from Bill Bardswick, Director, West Central Region, MOE:

Unlike typical industrial noise sources, measurement of noise from wind turbines raises technical challenges.  Typical noise measurement protocols call for no wind during noise measurements since background wind will result in inaccurate measurements.  However in the case of wind turbines, wind must be present for them to operate.   Continue reading

Collateral damage of the Green War

By Paul Breschuk,  Features Editor
University of Windsor Lance

Instead of jumping at the chance to make some easy money, Colette McLean sat back and asked questions. She started with the energy company that initially approached her, asking about the impacts of installing a wind turbine on her Harrow farm. The company could not guarantee who would pay for the eventual decommissioning costs, or who would cover the damage done to her farm by a possible oil leak or structural failure. Nor were any assurances made regarding the turbine’s impact property value.

Unsatisfied by this, she began her own research, finding local watchdog internet groups as well as talking with residents who live with wind turbines. For McLean, the common theme was, “they are not worth it.” Continue reading

Davis family now suing neighbours for loss of property value

By Matt Roper

See particulars of Claim here
General Statement by the Davis’ here

A couple who quit their farmhouse thanks to the “deafening roar” of wind turbines are claiming £380,000 damages. Continue reading

Time to Stop Dismissing Victims

“It may be that the health concerns are overblown. The verdict is still out. But in some respects health issues have become a red herring.

Proponents say it’s really about NIMBY: Not in my backyard. The real issue, they say, is “just” esthetics. No landowner wants to stare at a giant turbine as it sits on another landowner’s property, smack in the middle of what used to be the view.”  ~ Michael Den Tandt, Sun Times Newspaper

Your comments tell me that you don’t live near any wind turbines Michael.  They also tell me you are uninformed and unconcerned as are many who don’t have the prospect of another sleepless night, another unexplained headache that no pill can touch or any other adverse effect that has assaulted families living near turbines.  The people in this province who are experiencing debilitating health issues, the same ones who were fine before turbine installations started up nearby, have been publicly revictimized by your flippant remark. The verdict is absolutely NOT out for these people Michael.  They know what is happening to them.  They know it’s real. They know their body is being assaulted by noise and vibration.  So does this government.  So does the wind industry proponent.  Continue reading

Wall Street Journal: Impartial study should be undertaken without delay

by Robert Bryce, Wall Street Journal

People living near turbines increasingly report sleep deprivation, headaches and vertigo. The wind lobby says there’s no proof

Imagine this scenario:  The oil and gas industry launches an aggressive global drilling program with a new type of well. Thousands of these new wells, once operational, emit a noxious odor so offensive that many of the people living within a mile of them are kept awake at night. Some are even forced to move out of their homes. It’s easy to predict the reaction: denunciations of the industry, countless lawsuits, and congressional investigations. Continue reading

Identical Symptoms, Protests in Australia

***MUST WATCH*** ABC News – Australia

It’s the biggest wind farm operating in Victoria and it’s putting the tiny town of Waubra on the map in ways the locals never predicted. It’s been dubbed the ‘Waubra Disease’, the health effects of living surrounded by wind turbines and it’s now becoming known around the world. As the State Government approves more wind farms, there are growing demands for serious investigation and for standards to be reviewed.

The Ontario government has put people in harm’s way

By Jamie Smith

THUNDER BAY – The Ontario government has put people in harm’s way and needs to address the situation says the chair of a provincial wind energy concern group.

Society for Wind Vigilance chair Bob McMurtry was in Thunder Bay Friday to talk about wind turbines and the adverse health affects associated with them. McMurtry, an orthopedic surgeon and professor emeritus at the University of Western Ontario, has been lobbying the provincial government to obtain third party studies on wind farms since 2008. He said since that time, 102 people have come forward across the province with helth issues from turbines, the most common being sleep deprivation.

“Our bottom line message is if you’re going to build them for Heaven’s sake don’t put people in harm’s way,” McMurtry said. “At this time we (Ontario) are putting people in harm’s way.” Continue reading

Rx Wind Turbine Syndrome Media Release

To donate, mail cheques to: Rx WTS Fund, R.R. #5, 1245 Gore Rd, Harrow, Ontario, N0R 1G0

February 10, 2010 – The private foundation RxWTS Ontario wishes to announce that it has now been able to help four households with respite accommodations. Three Ontario residents and one Nova Scotia family (a total of nine people) have found short term alleviation of their symptoms associated with Industrial Wind turbines near their homes.

The need for this fund has became shamefully apparent in Ontario as the McGuinty government has turned a blind eye to these people and are refusing to acknowledge this growing and serious problem. In this government’s irresponsible mad rush towards so-called “green” solutions such as Industrial Wind Energy, rural families are becoming collateral damage because of the lack of studies and proper regulation. Continue reading

Ripley Residents Still Not Able to Move Back into their Homes

Credit:  By Sara Bender, Lucknow Sentinel, Lucknow Sentinal

Some Huron-Kinloss Twp. residents want to make it clear that they are still concerned with wind turbine development in the municipality. 

Township resident David Colling attended the Jan. 11 council meeting and said he wanted to clear up any misconception about the wind turbine company burying the transmission lines. He said not all lines have been buried yet and families are not able to move back into their homes. 

“One family is still in a hotel, paid for by the wind turbine company; another has left the township and two other families have moved back to their homes but they are still experiencing health problems,” said Colling.  Continue reading

Vindmøller – Letters from Denmark

Wind Turbine Syndrome

Click here for the original text, in Danish—Editor

We are neighbors to the national test station for large wind turbines at Høvsøre in Jutland. The closest wind turbine is 1,450 meters southwest of our property.

We fought fiercely against the adoption of the test station, because we thought there were too many unresolved issues with the big turbines. That was in 1999 and 2000.

Since then it has been very clear; our worst fears have been confirmed. Continue reading

Media Release: The Society for Wind Vigilance

Download the Media Release
Download Analysis Conclusions and Executive Summary
Download the Complete Analysis

Wind Turbines Can Cause Adverse Health Effects: North American Wind Industry

Ontario The Society for Wind Vigilance (SWV) has released its analysis of the American and Canadian Wind Energy Association sponsored report on adverse health effects from industrial wind turbines. The SWV provides scientific and unbiased information on the adverse health effects of human exposure to industrial wind turbines through a volunteer-based advocacy group of health and other professionals. 

The recent report, ‘An Expert Panel Review 2009, Prepared for American Wind Energy Association and Canadian Wind Energy Association’ (A/CanWEA Panel Review) acknowledges that people are experiencing adverse physiological and psychological symptoms from exposure to industrial wind turbines. Continue reading

Ontario Assessment Review Board ruling on wind power noise sets precedent

by Bob Aaron   Toronto Star

In a precedent setting move, a recently discovered decision of the provincial Assessment Review Board (ARB) has cut a homeowner’s assessment in half because the house is located near a noisy hydro substation. The hydro plant serves a nearby wind farm producing “clean” electricity.

The decision of ARB member Ana Cristina Marques was issued following an appeal by Paul Thompson of the assessment on his house. Continue reading

It’s my health, my family’s health, the viability of our farm, the value of our farm

'The viability of our farm is at stake,' said Colette McLean, who lives next door to the wind farm project and opposes it. (Tom Taylor/CBC)

CBC News

Construction is well underway at the first major wind farm in Ontario’s Essex County, despite reservations by some residents about the project.

The $82-million AIM Harrow Wind Farm will include 24 turbines each 120 metres tall and with blades 47 metres long. Together, they’re expected to generate enough electricity to power 350,000 homes, according to Paul Robinson, the construction site manager. Continue reading

Wind tower neighbor bought out for health reasons

by Chris Braithwaite in Barton Chronicle (Vermont)

Barbara Ashbee-Lormand traveled from central Ontario to central Vermont in late October to a discussion of an industrial wind turbine development proposed for the town of Ira, organized by Vermonters for a Clean Environment. She’s a rare figure in the debate over the effects big wind towers have on people. She’s one of only two homeowners that a major wind company, Canadian Hydro Developers, has conceded it bought out because of their complaints that the huge gadgets proved to be impossible to live with. Continue reading

Electrical Pollution & Wind Turbines

  Click “Read More” for Parts 2 & 3 Continue reading

The Family Physician as patient advocate

by Roy D Jeffery, MD, FCFP

I would like to suggest another important role for family physicians in the domain of public health. That is to advocate for the victims of environmental illness. Currently in Ontario and indeed in jurisdictions across Canada and abroad the public health system seems to be struggling to come up with a sensible response to the growing public health phenomena associated with industrial wind turbines (IWT). In the light of increasing numbers of victims in every jurisdiction of the province where IWT’s have been built in close proximity to human habitation, we would have expected a recognition from the public health authorities that more in depth surveillance and precautionary measures were appropriate.

  Continue reading

Respite Home Established in Port Burwell Area

Thanks to generous donations, a respite home has now been established in the Port Burwell area for people unable to sleep and experiencing health problems who live near the Erie Shores wind project.    The accomodations are certainly not luxurious but it will give these people an escape when it becomes too hard to bear.

SHAME on the Ontario government for allowing this to happen.   SHAME on AIM Powergen (now International Power Canada) for turning their backs on these people while raking in obscene subsidies from our tax dollars.

Forced expropriation would have been much kinder.   Of course that might cut into the profit margin, wouldn’t it?     The McGuinty Liberal government, in their zeal to allow the wind industry free reign, has failed miserably to do it’s due diligence.

Large Donation Kicks Off “Rx WTS Fund” for Wind Victims in Ontario

Thank You, Nina and Calvin!

Dr. Nina Pierpont and Calvin Luther Martin have generously donated $5,000 towards Rx WTS fund for people in Ontario.    

Ontarians who live too close to turbines and are experiencing severe problems have found getting away from the wind turbines enabled them to sleep properly and their symptoms clear up immediately.   There is no drug or cure other than completely leaving the area.    Requests for help or solutions from the developers and/or the Ontario government have been ignored.

This fund will be used to set up a temporary respite shelter and help with expenses such as gas and motel bills.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Nina and Calvin.   Americans certainly are the most generous people on earth.  

We encourage you to show your appreciation by purchasing Nina’s book and donating it to your Chief Medical Officer or local public library.

Two More Homes Abandoned in Turbine Town, Ontario

[Note:  The developer of this project is AIM Powergen whose CEO, Mike Crawley is also President of the Federal Liberal Party (Ontario)]

—Tracy Whitworth, Schoolteacher (11/5/09)

2004-10-17%20Clear%20creek%20sign-web%20pageClear Creek, Ontario.  Quiet, peaceful.  The sound of the lake; the overhead passing of migrating geese; tundra swans in the early spring.  Deer and wild turkeys.  Clear starry skies.  Silent except for the sounds of the crickets and bullfrogs.  The sight of a small country church across the way; the church I remember attending as a young girl with my Grandmother.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? That was my retreat of 11 years.  A place I called home, a place I loved, a place I miss. It was my heaven on earth. Continue reading

Open Letter to All Ontarians

No one asked for this.  Nobody looked to have their life and homes exposed in the news, trying to explain how the most promising form of renewable energy was causing such destruction of their family. 

Sleep deprivation, headaches, migraines, heart palpitations, tinnitus, pressure in the ears, sores that won’t heal, dangerously high blood pressure and the list goes on.  This was not the plan that any of these quiet and unassuming rural families had in mind, but this is what they got.  And countless months later it continues. 

Nobody wanted to get sick; nobody wanted to be forced to leave their home, the place they raised their children, the place they intended to live out their retirement.  Not one of them asked for this. In almost all cases, these symptoms were non-existent before the start up of the wind farm.

Continue reading

The fight has only just begun

SUN MEDIA Sault Star

Local wind farm opponents vowed yesterday to keep pushing for independent studies into the effects wind turbines have on people.

Ontario legislators rejected Bruce- Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch’s call to halt industrial wind farm development until the province’s top doctor can assure the government turbines don’t harm people living nearby.

But defeating Murdoch’s resolution won’t stop growing opposition in rural Ontario, or mounting questions over how the big machines affect people’s health, wind turbine opponents said. Continue reading

Glaring Absence of Industry & Government at Oxford Meeting

Wind-Turbine-HousePosted By Bruce Urquhart, OXFORD SENTINEL-REVIEW

Intended as an information meeting for township residents, the evening became a series of dire warnings on the alleged adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines.

The evening’s three speakers focused on the symptoms of Wind Turbine Syndrome, a medical catchall of signs that include excruciating headaches, tinnitus, nausea, sleep deprivation and similar debilitating complaints. With a growing number of health-care professionals, researchers and engineers convinced that industrial wind turbines contribute to these symptoms, speaker Carmen Krogh reiterated her position that more epidemiological studies need to be done before further wind-farm developments are approved. Continue reading

Electrical Pollution Driving Ontario Families from Their Homes

By Bill Henry Owen Sound Sun Times

Three months after the Ripley Wind Farm went online in December, 2007, Dave Colling’s phone started ringing.

Three of his neighbours were seeing doctors about recurring ear aches. They knew Colling, a former dairy farmer who lives within two kilometres of the turbines near the southern Bruce County community, had an interest in and could test for what he calls “electrical pollution.”

“It’s like living inside a microwave. It radiates,” Colling told more than 100 people Tuesday night in Keady.

He said stray voltage eventually forced four families from their homes. Two have not returned, and one family sold the farm and moved away. Continue reading

Murdoch to press ahead with turbine moratorium resolution despite ministry statement

1836_012Posted By Rob Gowan, Owen Sound Sun Times

Ontario’s Medical Officer of Health Arlene King doesn’t see any scientific evidence that links wind turbines with adverse health effects.

When contacted yesterday, Ministry of Health and Long- Term Care spokesperson David Jensen said it is King’s position that there is no link between the noise turbines make and adverse health effects people claim to be experiencing, such as severe headaches and joint and muscle aches. Continue reading

Dr. Arlene King…How can you just close your eyes to this?

To quote Ontario Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Arlene King, “with a review of existing scientific literature, a moratorium isn’t needed, suggesting Thursday’s debate is moot.”

The pain and suffering I have had to endure, I am still enduring, on account of these industrial wind turbines is now ‘moot’?  Not even worth arguing?  Continue reading

Dalton McGuinty’s green machine is crushing public rights

By LORRIE GOLDSTEIN, Associate Editor,  Toronto Sun

ripleyIt’s never pretty watching people’s rights getting trampled by a government caught up in the latest fad, but it’s happening across Ontario.

The victims are citizens living mainly in rural communities.

Their concerns about the possible adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines are being rolled over by Premier Dalton McGuinty.

We should all pay attention because our rights could be next. Continue reading

Grey Bruce Health Forum – Walkerton

Continue reading

Port Burwell Victims Speak out!