Wellington County to obtain legal opinion on wind turbines

Wellington County Warden, Joanne Ross-Zuj

by David Meyer  Wellington Advertiser

ELORA – Municipalities across Wellington County are quietly working away at the issue of wind turbines, Centre Wellington councillors learned at their committee of the whole meeting on Monday.

Council considered a re­c­om­mendation that the township request the county share the legal opinion it obtains, in confidence, with the township, when it is completed.

At its May meeting, county council sought a legal opinion about the powers the county and its member municipalities have to regulate wind energy and other renewable or alternative energy projects.

Mayor Joanne Ross-Zuj, who is also county warden, told council the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario are both now tak­ing a stand on the issue. She added the Rural Ontario Municipal Asso­ciation (ROMA) is looking for a bigger voice about the tur­bines. Those are lobby groups for municipalities. Continue reading

Wellington County Groups to Join Demonstration

Sivo Siboththaman will receive $300,000 a year for five years.

“It’s the right time to investigate the health and safety element – offering a complete solution for society,”  said Siboththaman in a news release.

But Krul found little comfort in that announcement.

“When I’m sick, I go to a doctor. I don’t go to an electrician,” he said, adding the study will take five years, but the projects will keep on coming in the meantime.

by David Meyer  Wellington Advertiser Continue reading

Wellington County Citizens Furious with McGuinty Government

Wellington Advertiser 

At the very least

We are writing this letter to protest the haste with which the Ontario government is embracing the installation of wind turbines as a “green” solution to our energy needs.

If we are being asked to sacrifice our rural landscape for the greater good, at least let us know wind turbines were stud­ied and proved to be safe, efficient, and cost-effective. Continue reading