Wind turbines? Faster than a speeding bullet??

underwaterAlas, it is true.  Although I’m sure the deceitful carpetbagging windies and their gullible cultish followers will jump up and down, turn beet red, scream “NIMBY” “NIMBY” NIMBY” at the top of their lungs and say it ain’t so — all of which, by the way, are typical bully boy tactics of distraction which those folks use on a regular basis.

Yup.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but turbine noise can, indeed, be faster than a speeding bullet.  Low frequency noise and vibration are steadfast companions to those 400 foot high throbbing turbines and plenty is being said about their detrimental effect on humans and wildlife on land.  (For a peek at the gruesome details, read the sad example of Kay Armstrong of Clear Creek, ON on the north shore of Lake Erie at )

But are you aware of the more appalling effect in an aquatic freshwater environment like Lake Erie?  Would you believe that the low frequency noise/vibration effects can be even worse to God’s scaley-cum-slimey creatures (which are worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the economy)? Continue reading