Affidavit to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

by Haas, Allen
[docket # 1-AC-231, testimony filed Aug. 24, 2010 to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin]

I have three wind turbines on my property and get $4,000 for each one.

It’s been 2 years now with the turbines and everyone in the community is irritable and short, they snap back. The best of friends for 35 years, but everyone just snaps.  People are not really mad directly at the wind turbines or even know what they are mad about, they’re just mad, aggressive. Continue reading

Another Family Forced to Abandon Their Home

The Wirtzes’ home stands vacant

Beaver Dam Daily Citizen

OAKFIELD – A former town of LeRoy family has filed a formal complaint, April 1, with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission against Invenergy, a Chicago based energy company that owns the Forward Wind Energy Center located in Dodge and Fond du Lac Counties.

Jason and Ann Wirtz and their four children used to reside in a home on Highway YY in the town of LeRoy which was situated within the FWEC. According to the complaint, the Wirtzes suffered both physical and financial hardships from living near the wind turbines.

“The Wirtzes were forced out of their home by the noise and vibration of the wind turbines,” said Edward Marion, the family’s lawyer. “So, they lost all the money in their house, and they lost the value of their livestock which is a herd of alpacas.” Continue reading