Small Ontario town about to be inundated with giant windmills and underground gas storage

By Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun

ZURICH — It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie.

The plot? A small town, of less than 1,000 people is surrounded by hundreds of giant 150-metre-tall wind turbines that will dwarf every structure in the area.

Add to that plans for a massive underground gas storage facility, that would store natural gas under pressure beneath a residential area, including a school — and really, what could go wrong? Continue reading

How to produce a ghost town: Zero public option + One ill-conceived mandate = Disaster

Abandoned home surrounded by turbines in Clear Creek

by Heather Redick, Zurich
London Free Press

Wikipedia defines a ghost town as a completely abandoned town or city. A town often becomes a ghost town because the economic activity that supported it has failed, or due to natural or human-caused disasters such as a flood, government action, uncontrolled lawlessness, or war. Continue reading