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sICK2VOW© is a non-profit support group for victims experiencing adverse health effects from wind turbines. 

Some residents living in the vicinity of a wind farm are suffering from adverse health effects and disturbed living conditions.  They need help and support. It’s important to have someone to talk to who understands.

Worried families living near proposed wind projects with special needs or pre-existing medical conditions such as epilepsy, cardiac issues, inner ear problems and migraines are welcome to join.

People wanting more information can call toll free 1-888-700-5655 or email

All calls or emails will be kept totally confidential. 

What happens if I join? 

Some of you may want to help other victims by keeping in touch and encouraging each other. 

Others may want to be more public and want to send letters to the media or open letters to government officials.

Some may want to be interviewed by the media and speak out on behalf of other victims.

Some may wish to be private but lend support by joining this network. 

Victims are welcome to participate in this network at whatever level is comfortable for them

We are extending an invitation to victims in other provinces.  As more wind turbines are built, families are being disrupted across Canada. 

 What do I have to do?

Just fill out the form below.  The membership list will be kept completely confidential. 

VOW’s goal is to to help fellow victims, establish a network of victims suffering adverse health effects due to wind turbines and create public awareness about the adverse health effects suffered by victims. We will work to achieve the following:

 1)   halting further development of wind energy installations until evidence-based epidemiology studies are conducted that determine authoritative setbacks from property lines for protection of health;

 2)   immediate decommissioning of current wind turbines where victims are reporting adverse health effects;

 3)   compensation for the victims’ loss of health, quality of life, emotional turmoil, and financial stability;

 4)   commissioning proper evidence-based epidemiology studies with an unbiased, 3rd party multi-disciplinary team;

5)   environmental assessments to be performed by unbiased, qualified professionals with attention to adverse health effects;

6)  implementation of mandatory reporting by the wind energy industry regarding complaints and adverse health effects;

7) implementation of a Public Inquiry on the topic of adverse health effects and wind turbines.

Membership is open to victims whose health and quality of life have been affected by wind turbine installations.

How to join

If you wish to join, there are a number of options available.  Please fill out the following form and mail to the address at the bottom of the form.


Your privacy will be protected and information will be kept confidential unless you indicate otherwise.


From Dr. Pierpont’s Testimony before the New York State Legislature Energy Committee:

The symptoms start when local turbines go into operation and resolve when the turbines are off or when the person is out of the area. The symptoms include:

1) Sleep problems: noise or physical sensations of pulsation or pressure make it hard to go to sleep and cause frequent awakening.
2) Headaches which are increased in frequency or severity.
3) Dizziness, unsteadiness, and nausea.
4) Exhaustion, anxiety, anger, irritability, and depression.
5) Problems with concentration and learning.
6) Tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Not everyone near turbines has these symptoms. This does not mean people are making them up; it means there are differences among people in susceptibility. These differences are known as risk factors. Defining risk factors and the proportion of people who get symptoms is the role of epidemiologic studies. These studies are under way. Chronic sleep disturbance is the most common symptom. Exhaustion, mood problems, and problems with concentration and learning are natural outcomes of poor sleep.  See Dr. Pierpont’s credentials here

This page was created to help if you are experiencing disturbed living conditions and/or noise & health problems since the start up of wind turbines near your home. It is some sound information on what to do and who to talk to:

It is important to start a daily diary.  We cannot emphasize this enough. While it may sound like a tedious chore, it will keep track of everything on a daily basis and is extremely helpful at recalling certain events or noticing a pattern to your observations. It can be crude notes, but the more detail the better.  Make note of the weather, the time of day, the wind speed (low, moderate etc.) the atmosphere (foggy, snowing, sunny etc.) the blade direction.   Note any physical responses, or any health issues.  Any changes in behavior of your children, pets, livestock.  All of these are very important, as well as recording the disturbances in the home (noise, vibration etc.)

When you are ready to lodge a complaint:  Start by drafting a letter or email, clearly outlining the issues you are having and once completed, have the following phrase: “Please register this as a formal complaint” at the top of the letter.   Simply state your experience as it is and you do not need to use anyone else’s observations to support yours, besides those who reside in your home.  It must be your own personal experience.  If you have multiple people in your household with complaints, detail them for each person.The complaint should be sent to:

1. The Wind Energy Company
2.  Your MPP,
3.  Your Township Office and 
4.  Your regional Ministry of the Environment office.  

If you are having health problems related to the turbines, you should report it to the Public Health Unit in your community.   Send copies of your correspondence to all involved.   Also add that you would like a reply from each of them that they have received your letter. 

Keep a copy of all of your correspondence and if you should have any face to face meetings or phone calls, make sure you write down the pertinent points in your journal so you don’t forget what was said.

If you are having severe problems that need immediate attention call the Environmental Spills Reporting phone number 1-800-268-6060 Although the title does not sound appropriate, it is correct to use it and the call will go into the Ministry of the Environment reporting office to be dealt with.

16 thoughts on “Victims

  1. Because we are very GREEN, we initially welcomed the installation of turbines in our neighbourhood. Unfortunately, we were never contacted at any time by municipal or AIM representative prior to the installation, because our property was not adjoining or within 300 meters of the sites.
    Now, being fully exposed to the disturbing noise, etc., we are questioning the methods of the planning and research of the location of these turbines. We are definitely experiencing some of the negative symptoms as mentioned in your reports.
    A survey of all residents who live within 2kms of any turbines should be conducted by a credible organization ASAP (considering residents who benefit financially directly or indirectly from the turbines)
    Bert Seeliger

    • 2 km may not be enough once long term effects are realized. Interestingly enough I was speaking to a lady from Wainfleet. She had NO knowledge of any health effects from wind turbines. She said she has been diagnosed with vertigo and says she only feels the effects when at home. She says when she goes home, her head feels as though it is going to explode, and she, her husband and her grandson have trouble sleeping at night. When she goes to work she feels fine. She hadn’t made any connection to the turbines located upwind of them on the horizon in lowbanks, but it would be interesting to see if she is suffering from the effects of long term exposure to the 6 turbines located a fair distance from her home. It is also interesting that her husband and grandson have trouble sleeping as well. What if the long term effects reach beyond the 2KM radius? And how does long term exposure effect those who are already too close?

  2. July 23, 2009

    To Whom It May Concern:
    More people should be concerned with property value associated with windmills adjacent to their homes. Should their health become an issue and they can’t live near turbines anymore, who is going to buy their property?

    From Green Backlash: The Wind Turbine Controversy :
    As the nation rushes to add renewable energy to its power portfolio, a growing chorus of homeowners and others are expressing concerns about how industrial wind projects are affecting health, safety, lifestyle and property values.
    According to Michael McCann of McCann Appraisals LLC in Chicago, Ill., “Turbines are large-scale industrial machines/projects, which surround homes, unlike any other large-scale projects. I have never seen a situation akin to wind farms where an industrial zoning ‘overlay’ encompasses and surrounds existing homes. No other industrial, retail or other type of large-scale project gets approved without first buying out the existing residences rather than surrounding them. A home is the biggest investment most people have in their life and deserves value protection from a dominating land use, which generates profits for the developers and is claimed to be for the public good. It would seem that most wind energy companies are unwilling to compensate people fairly for value loss…nor buy them out.”

    According to the GWEC, “the global wind market for turbine installations in 2008 was worth $47.5 billion.” That works out to about $1.76 million per megawatt installed (http://wwwWind Energy Stocks
    At an average cost of $1.76 million per megawatt, you’re looking at a $219.9 billion market-in just the next five years.

    I am laid off until February 2010 and I can’t afford the mortgage & tax payments…
    I need to relocate and find a new job, but I can’t sell my property…
    Because of these windmills surrounding my house, nobody is even interested in looking at my property…
    Why is Aim Power Generation reaping in these profits while I am approaching bankruptcy?
    Aim Power Generation should be buying me out…
    I need this to happen before I lose my house!

    Kay Armstrong

    • Sorry to hear this. We here in Guilford N.Y. are also fighting the Wind Turbines. Calpine the company that was going to put up 25, 650ft turbines up in this very small farm town just claimed bankruptcy and a Canadian Co. bought them out. But we are still fighting the fight even though the town board allowed it to go through. And our town supervisor has a sister in law that has a lease with them. Well I guess this was a big no,no. I do hope things work out for you. I feel your pain.

  3. Victims, you need to contact the ministry. Each and every one of you.Without formal complaints the gov’t can say there are no complaints. We are not going to solve this problem without formal complaints. Not to your mayor or councillors or to the backstabbing companies but to the MOE

  4. What recourse does a home owner have when assaulted daily by Industrial Wind Turbines [IWT’s] that are emitting low frequency vibrations felt nightly and preventing the deep restorative sleep all humans need?

    Just a few hours after waking, I am so tired and discombobulated that I am happy to leave my home on almost any excuse and just as reluctant to go back, but where else can I go?

    Every penny I had saved for shelter in my old age – actually being so gullible as to accept Mr. Smitherman’s call “to ‘age in place'” – is a home which accommodates a walker, wheelchair, all on one floor with 3’ wide doorways and no obstacles to moving about.

    The Ontario government came to the rescue of a developer who started building a subdivision on land belonging to First Nations people. We Victims of IWT’s need and should be rescued as well, bought out unless Ontarians are prepared to see our health deteriorate to the point that we become a serious drain on our health”care” system.

    Mr. McGuinty, Mr Smitherman, Mr. Gerretsen, Mr. Caplan, Mr. Prentice, Ms. Raitt, Ms Agluqakk do the right thing, even if your “rules/standards/legislation/regulations ” were not breached, there are higher moral principles which are BROKEN.

  5. I called in to the MOE Hamilton office (1-800-668-4557) this morning, Sept. 14 at 3:00AM; not open for business. I then called the 24 hr MOE hotline. Operator said call could not be connected as dialed. No help there.

    Kay Armstrong

  6. This Ontario Dictatorship must be stopped ASAP.
    Bring on the election and remove these clowns and vote in a party that doesn’t have their hand out to Big Business.>>That may be hard to find also!!
    The Liberal “Screw the people” Smitherman attitude (EHealth,OLG,Etc.Etc.) must be stop.

  7. More than a year has passed. The clogged ears, the ringing in the head never stops when the IWT’s are spinning.

    Haemorrhaging $$$$$$ by renting a respite place ~ 40 km from the 18 IWT’s within a 3 km radius of my home; was only able to spend a day to cook a decent holiday meal for my son who came ~ 15 km.

    Now heading back to catch up on the sleep missed while staying overnight. Not much of a “life” – most of it spent travelling around the county.

  8. Warning to those hosting wind farms in Belwood….from Oppose Belwood Wind Farm Association
    Oppose Belwood Wind Farm Association,
    710 Tower St. South, P.O. Box 50009, Fergus, Ontario N1M 3S9

    Oppose Belwood Wind Farm Assoc.

    Dear Landowner,

    RE: Potential liability to landowners hosting wind turbines

    I am writing on behalf of the Oppose Belwood Wind Farm Association, a community-based not-for-profit corporation with concerns regarding various
    energy issues.

    As you may know, a number of renewable energy facilities, specifically industrial wind turbine projects, have been proposed in our area. Landowners are being given the opportunity to consider entering into option and lease agreements for their land from wind developers to allow industrial wind turbines to be erected on their land.

    Consequently, we have retained a law firm in order to inform ourselves about potential legal issues surrounding such developments.

    We have been informed that there is potential liability to a landlord (the landowner) for a nuisance created by a tenant (the wind developer) where the
    nuisance results from an activity expressly authorized by the lease. This is a basic principle of nuisance law. Note 1

    That principle was applied in the Ontario court decision of Banfai et al v. Formula Fun Centre Inc. et. al. Note 2

    In that case, Ontario Hydro leased its land to a company which operated an automobile-racing amusement ride on the property.

    The court found that the noise from the amusement ride amounted to an unreasonable, undue and material interference with the enjoyment of property of neighbouring property owners. This is the core of the test for nuisance. Ontario Hydro’s lease authorized Formula Fun to use the land in the manner that caused the nuisance. When it signed the lease Ontario Hydro had knowledge of the
    potentially significant noise impact on neighbouring properties. Hydro was consequently liable for the nuisance created by its lessee and was held
    responsible for a portion of the damages awarded by the court to the plaintiffs.

    Our research has clearly indicated that there may be significant noise and other issues related to industrial wind turbines that will create a nuisance for neighbouring landowners.

    We would respectfully suggest that other local landowners retain their own independent legal counsel to inform themselves of this potential liability as part of their due diligence prior to entering into any agreements related to industrial wind turbines.

    Oppose Belwood Wind Farm Association (OBWF)

    1 L. Klar, “Remedies in Tort”, (Carswell, 1988), Chapter 17, Para 102.

    2 [1984] O.J. No. 3444
    May 28, 2010

  9. It is about time land owners take responsibility for their actions. Greed is a lot to do with signing on, money for nothing mentality and if someone is so close to losing their property due to financial problems a few hundred dollars a month will make little difference in a few years. Selling wind leased property will devalue property as many who want rural property do not want the industrial issues associated with a lease nor do they want property adjacent to leases. The municipalities who succeed in keeping industrial wind turbine developments out will find their property values will go up.

  10. I live near Selkirk Ontario. The proposals are being marketed by Capital Power and I believe Samsung and someone said markers are in the farmer’s field. I heard the company ordered a gag order on the farmers until the project had moved forward. I live near the Six Nations, it is reported they turned down the proposal, why can’t we vote on this. I am very concerned with both the health and property devaluation aspects. What do we do about this? We are contacting our political reps. …. Jeanne

  11. I propose that we all get the wind turbines put them on the
    each members of the house that are passing these bills and
    place them in their back yard. If they like them so much.
    Maybe even put some on the Hill in Ottawa and Parliament can have free energy…!!!
    Bring back the Coal Plants lets STOP THE PHONY CARBON FOOTPRINT IDEA.

  12. Turbines appear to be running up the Goshen line outside Dashwood area, . Has anyone successfully sued for loss of value to their property? Are these farmers who feed cities or power them? . I guess there multi taskers or just greedy. Money for nothing isn’t the way to go. Luckily many farmers realized the contract they were to sign would have taken there land rights away. Nice to know that some people can’t be fooled by these crooks.

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