Video Testimonies

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Roger Oliviera, Melancthon, Ontario

Kidd and Whitworth families, Amaranth, Ontario

David, Libby, Ridgetown, Ontario

Danai Shinda, Amherstburg, Ontario

Sandy McLeod, Ripley, Ontario

Glen Wylds, Ripley, Ontario

Helen Fraser, Ontario:

Barbara Ashbee, Shelburne, Ontario Part I

Barbara Ashbee, Shelburne, Ontario Part II

Clear Creek, Ontario Residents

United States:





3 Responses to Video Testimonies

  1. dd says:

    Thanks for posting these informative and eye opening testimonials. We had better get ahead of this or we will all be living with them in our backyards. Human health should outweigh any corporations profit. Say NO to wind turbines. 5% overall increase in energy (which cannot be stored / harvested) is no deal at all.

  2. Mike Jankowski says:

    Thank you very much for providing this in a central place. I continue to light up social media with one story every couple days in the hopes the eyes of urban folks will open up and care.

  3. Corey James says:

    Just did a video with my father earlier today on Wind Turbines & and the crooks that are the Liberal Party and why its time for a change in this Province.

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