Norfolk County : Whirlwind Problems Surrounding Windmills

Victims of Wind have Nowhere to Turn

Victims of Wind have Nowhere to Turn News Center
A local group says they were ignorant about the health effects wind turbines have on humans and they now want them gone. The “Norfolk Victims of Industrial Turbines” group spoke to council last night at the town hall meeting in Vittoria.

Member Stephana Johnson says she dreads being at home because she says she’s being tortured while she’s there due to the low frequency vibrations.

Norfolk Mayor Dennis Travale says the provincial government’s Green Energy Act essentially takes away the authority of local councils on the matter. Simply put, a developer can go and make an arrangement with a landowners and has free rein and there’s really nothing council can do to stop them. Anyone wishing to have their health concerns heard should contact the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and copy the Premier.

Johnson, a former Green Party candidate, says she’s been “green” for many years and admits she was originally in favor of the turbines but has since changed her mind once she found out the health risks posed to residents who live nearby.