Ontario Farmer Reports on CanWEA Conference

Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

Sleazy Salesman

Glenn Powell   Sept 29, 2009

Excerpt: To Prince Edward County councillor Monica Alyea, the wind energy developers have a lot to learn when it comes to public relations.  She attacked the industry for using slick, promotional gimmicks.

“You move through the community like the vacuum cleaner salesmen of years ago,” she stated.   In an effort to get leases signed as quickly as possible, “you offer green new riches, and dazzle the property owners with beads, trinkets and funding for local causes.”

Alyea said the developers come armed with pretty pictures and lots of papers but fail to show the exact location of the towers, the transmission lines and the access roads.

“Don’t be afraid to show the real picture,” she stated.   Let the people hear the sound of the turbines, she said and don’t describe a wind farm project as being located “out there on an isolated small piece of property”.  People happen to live “out there” and lived “out there” for years she said. “They may not want their landscape covered with towers and transmission lines.”

A Wind farm provides minimal direct benefit to the local community, Alyea said, adding that the industry “has some learning to do about citizenship.”

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  1. Last night AIM came to our council,to dictate what they can do to our municipality,they are using the setbacks and the noise guide lines from the old regs. They don’t need dispute resolution or de-commissioning plans from the new.They don’t need to fix our roads or pay a community fund,but out of the goodness of their hearts they’ll patch the pavement if they crack it . Just to show they care ,they will give us $1500 a turbine.It will cost 10X that to fix our roads after these thugs rape our community.
    Thanks to the liberals in ontario, Democracy is dead,people like Mike Crawley are in control

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