Plea to the Ministry of the Environment from Victim at Port Burwell

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Ministry of Environment, Hamilton District Office
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This letter is in regard to my phone call to the Spills Action Centre on Oct 9 at 11:15 PM to file a complaint about noise from the Clear Creek wind farm. The situation got so bad that night I had to leave my house at 12:30AM to sleep somewhere else.

My entire house was vibrating along with all the contents, including me. I tried to lie down and sleep a few times, but got jolted awake with a full body twitch each time. My skull was resonating to the extent that I became swimmingly dizzy, even just sitting, with sharp pains developing in my head.

I was nauseous, I was aware of my insides trembling, and to lay or even sit down against something vibrating at a different frequency was totally unbearable. I could feel my fingers tingling with the vibrations. My eyes started to blur, an indication of oscillating eyeballs. The only alternative was to get out, and I did so in tears.

To have your body invaded with these vibrations is so very frightening. You just know exposure to these ‘sound waves’ cannot be good for you.

With all of this, I couldn’t really ‘hear’ anything except the low droning hum that I have described to you in other reports over the summer.

I ended up sleeping on a couch in a house 20 km directly to the north of me, and as I did, I could still hear & feel the deep, rumbling vibrations from the wind farm. These vibrations are similar to ones I’ve felt produced from a power steamroller as it approaches my house.

Seismic tremors have been recorded up to 10 miles from wind farms. Aside from measuring low frequency and infrasound in the dBC and dBG scales, you need to find a way to measure seismic vibrations. The repercussions of these industrial wind turbines are reaching a lot further than anybody thinks, and they can’t always be heard.

This is what is doing the damage, what is affecting peoples’ health. The swooshing sounds serve to aggravate the ILFN, pulsing it towards my house.

That night, the lady at Spills Action Centre asked me how bad the situation was on a scale of 1 to 10. I can now say that it was a definite “10”.

Having to sleep in my truck, having to drive to somebody else’s house in the middle of the night in order to escape, I now consider myself ‘homeless’. This is criminal.

Kay Armstrong
Clear Creek, Ontario (Port Burwell Wind Facility)

Update: October 12. 2009
Martin – last night was a repeat of the night of October 9; left my house at
10:30PM after filing a complaint with the Spills Action Centre. Again
vibrations could be felt and heard 20 km to the north of me.


8 thoughts on “Plea to the Ministry of the Environment from Victim at Port Burwell

  1. I do not understand how a person like Martin McConnochie can turn a deaf ear to this.. I just do not understand..

    These people are elected to make people’s lives better.. and represent them..

    I am so sorry Kay Armstrong.. Just horrible..

    Jackie Allan

  2. I e-mailed this letter along with a short note to the Premier and cc all MPPs.

    “Please address this issue and stop the deployment of windmills until these matters are straightened out. You promised a research chair, so get on with it. Wait for them to report their findings before any more windmills are erected.”


    Smitherman spokeswoman says renewable energy part of pledge to get rid of coal-fired plants


    ‘While there may be unanswered health questions related to industrial wind turbines, there’s no doubt about health risks associated with coal burning power plants, Smitherman’s press secretary Amy Tang said.

    “We have to remember why we entered into renewable energy in the first place, which was our commitment to get off coal,” she said. “We would argue that coal does contribute to air pollution which has been attributed to a number of complications and quality of life issues.”’

    Its like Amy Tang (Smitherman) is saying that Kay Armstrong is collateral damage (and others) and she must suffer the loss of her home and her ability to sleep and live in it in order that (dirty) coal etc. does not harm and pollute.

    Jackie Allan

  4. One of these days, Smitherman, Gerettson and specially McGuinty will be held criminally responsible for this “assault causing bodily harm” on the poor souls who pay their salaries!

  5. It doesn’t seem to matter how much these Ministers are made aware of…they still push their agenda. These men simply have no heart. I must wonder how their wives feel about the issues?

  6. At 3:55am today the swooshing noise accompanied by a droning sound coming from the IWTs through the walls and closed windows was very noticeable inside our living room.
    After verifying the noise level outside the house I filed a complaint with MOE at 4:10am this morning, although I believe that this action is a waste of time and effort since our government is unable or unwilling to fully recognize this issue.
    Note: I did dropped off again into some kind of sleep ~ 5:30am.

    Clear Creek (Turbine Town), Ontario

  7. Living ~ 300 m east of Kay Armstrong and Bert Seeliger, I can vouch for the sleep deprivation caused by repeated arousals during the night.

    Because I am old enough to be Kay’s and Bert’s mother, I no longer make the almost daily reports to the MoE – SAC. I can’t tell them enough how grateful I am to them for keeping up the struggle on behalf of the Norfolk Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines.

    This morning was a repeat of hundreds of mornings of nausea ~ 5 am, nosebleed at ~ 8:30 am, stuffed ears with occasional stabbing pain, the drive to get away from home as soon as possible [I’m 50 km away right now typing at a library computer]

    time’s up.

  8. Stephana I just hope and pray the information given/posted from the ones directly dealing with the problems of these turbines gets acknowledged, believed and understood..

    Its thanks to you guys that maybe something can be stopped.. My hope..
    I know our county (Prince Edward County) is asking for a health study (or something to that effect) before Skypower starts up its building machine..

    Skypower owners of the Byran Wind Project will not tell us where these new towers will be located.. My husband and I have been given vague information.. like a man pointing to the east and giving the name of a county road.. but nothing concrete..

    So we sit and worry that what is happening to you and your neighbors will happen to us.. I/we lived in the city (Toronto) for many years and saved for a calm peaceful home to retire in.. now that peace may be taken away..

    So much secrecy… so much money..

    Jackie Allan

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