Answers definitely not blowing in the wind


Leo Mendonca says he’s been plagued by feelings of deep-set anxiety since the turbines started turning in his neighbourhood

By Richard Vivian Orangeville Banner

In the first of a three-part series, reporter Richard Vivian investigates the health-related controversies surrounding turbines 

It was another restless night in a long string of interrupted sleep. Amaranth’s Leo Mendonca didn’t feel quite right, like something was wrong, but he didn’t know what, or why.

When he got out of bed, he was struck by a wave of nausea. He made his way out to the kitchen of the 8th Line home for a drink of water, but that didn’t calm his stomach.

Thinking some fresh air may do the trick, he headed out to the garden. There, he looked up and saw what he now believes is the source of his troubles … an industrial-sized wind turbine about 600 metres away, and many more within sight.      Read entire article here

4 thoughts on “Answers definitely not blowing in the wind

  1. Perhaps these victims, this reporter Richard Vivian, Amaranth Mayor Don MacIver, Scott Hossie – CHD’s Ontario environmental manager, Dr. Nicola Mercer – medical officer of health for Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health; perhaps these people and anybody living adjacent to a wind farm, anybody facing the prospect of living adjacent to a wind farm, anybody who is accountable for the placement of wind farms, the journalists responsible for broadcasting the news, everybody, should visit Dr. Nina Pierpont’s web site and fully investigate what is actually happening to these victims:

    Your Guide to

    Why is it that I myself a victim, why is it that any victims, have been abandoned and left to suffer the sleepless nights, the debilitating health effects of Wind Turbine Syndrome; are in fact forced to live with these conditions because our properties cannot be sold. My exposure to low frequency noise has been such that I now experience on a daily basis the sensations of internal pulsation or quivering, an indication of internal organs vibrating. For how long does our government intend to let this suffering continue? How many more people does our government intend to expose to such torment?

    A direct causal link between industrial wind turbines and peoples health already exists; a link that has been provided by Dr. Nina Pierpont’s peer reviewed work; documentation that she has compiled over the past 5 years. She has provided us with a head start in addressing the impact on health as related to living in close proximity to wind farms. I as a victim, want to know why our government is not using her invaluable research. Does our government intend to wait another 5 years before resolving our issues, just so they can document for themselves what has already been documented? I ask again, how long do we have to suffer? What are you looking for that hasn’t already been revealed by Dr. Pierpont’s work?

    Victims of Wind Turbine Syndrome across Ontario, across the country, across the continent, across the world need to stick together and work as a group. Dr. Nina Pierpont’s work should be the fundamental foundation of that group.

  2. Dear Mr. Thumbs Down – I have the right to sleep in a bed that doesn’t tremble and vibrate in the night, each and every night, waking me up, keeping me awake, just as much as you or anybody else.

  3. I do not think mr thumbs down knows what it is like to be believed when speaking or writing about something that is happening to he or she..

    So much easier to say to oneself… this person is not telling the truth and I can keep my fantasy.. Keep my ability to take money and not care about what happens to others.. (this in the case of the landowners who think these turbines are a cash cow)

    Fantasy leads to vulnerability.

    I found this when reading the landlocked article from the Wellington newspaper..

    “When a landowner signs a lease with the wind power corporation he assumes all liability for damage. The following is taken from a SkyPower lease agreement:

    The property owner hereby grants to SkyPower the following easement:

    “Section 4 (II) An easement for any audio, visual, view, light, noise vibration, air turbulence, wake, electromagnetic or other effect of any kind or nature whatsoever resulting directly or indirectly, from any of the Uses or Works on or with respect to the Leased Land or the Other Project Lands.”

    These are the conditions that cause Wind Turbine Syndrome. The symptoms can be so severe that people have been forced to abandon their homes. Any legal action will be against the landowner.

    Check out the cost of liability insurance for industrial wind turbines on your land. If you can get it, this insurance may be cheaper than a lawsuit.”

  4. Kudos to the Mendonca and Oliviera families for having the courage to come forward. They are tough shoes to fill. All victims put everything on the line when they speak out publicly on behalf of themselves and the others who cannot speak. And Amaranth should be very proud to have a Mayor like Don MacIver who is not ignoring or letting down his residents. Consider his professional knowledge and his position as Mayor, who is getting the reports from people affected and trust he knows exactly what is going on and is working hard to get it corrected. How many others in his position have had the guts to speak honestly in public like that? Not too many but thank goodness for each and every one who does.

    Every councilor and mayor should take clear notice of the need to tell the truth and not hide behind their careers or the income generated for individuals, the townships or communities by the companies and the provincial politicians who have and continue to, mislead the public. And thank you to Mr. Vivian for finally bringing the issue forward. We can only hope that you will also interview Dr. McMurtry and Carmen Krogh who have been working so hard on this issue to balance the article. These monsterous industrial machines placed so close to residents and animals are simply not safe.

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