Moratorium urged for wind farms

Leamington Councilor, John Paterson

By Sharon Hill, The Windsor Star

The provincial government should place a moratorium on wind farm projects until an independent health study can be done, a Leamington councillor said Tuesday.

“I just really think the province has moved way too quickly on this stuff,” said Coun. John Paterson.

“There’s less information out there than there should be before you start sticking the wind farms up that are going to be here for a long time.”

On Monday Leamington council passed a resolution from the Township of Mapleton which called for the moratorium until a health study is completed by an independent third party. The resolution said the township had received a petition from more than 250 people with concerns about health issues and ground water protection.

Paterson said there are concerns about a proposed wind farm in Lake Erie and an intake pipe for the Union Water System, which treats water for the southeast corner of Essex County.

Neighbouring Kingsville recently supported resolutions from the City of Kawartha Lakes and Grey County that also called for research on possible health impacts such as noise.

Kingsville Deputy Mayor Katherine Gunning said she didn’t want to see projects that are underway halted but wanted a study before new projects move forward.

She said a study could give municipalities and the provincial government a comfort level that there are no impacts or it could help them find ways to mitigate any concerns. She said a study should have been done before the Green Energy Act was passed.

Paterson said municipalities have been “pushed aside.” He said he wants the government to know “we municipalities are not going to sit back and accept what they’re dumping on us for lack of better words forcing on us.”

The Ministry of Environment will establish an independent academic research position to review and research wind turbines and health but is not considering a moratorium, ministry spokeswoman Kate Jordan said.

“Given that there isn’t any scientific evidence to date — so, so far — that does establish a clear causal link between the adverse health effects and wind turbines we don’t believe that a moratorium on wind turbines is warranted at this time.”

She said the research chair at a university could be selected Feb. 12.

Jordan said the ministry is aware of the health concerns being expressed by some residents in Ontario and has established a minimum setback to put turbines at least 550 metres away from homes.

7 thoughts on “Moratorium urged for wind farms

  1. quote from the article

    “Given that there isn’t any scientific evidence to date — so, so far — that does establish a clear causal link between the adverse health effects and wind turbines we don’t believe that a moratorium on wind turbines is warranted at this time.”;year=2009;volume=11;issue=44;spage=151;epage=155;aulast=Prasher;type=0

    direct quote from the site…
    Noise is a stressor. Noise-induced stress can lead to release of stress hormones. Acute stress whether physical or psychological is necessary for adaptation to change. However, chronic stress can lead to the persistent elevation of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical hormones, which are detrimental to health and can lead to disease states. It has also been suggested that there may be multiple interactions between the sympathetic and the complex feedback neuroendocrine systems, which interact with the immune system, in the genesis of the observed effects. Thus noise stress may be a factor contributing to the mechanisms of noise-induced hearing loss through alterations in the cell-mediated immune response. Other than the noise stress acting directly, it may also have an impact on the immune function via noise-induced sleep deprivation. Furthermore, recent evidence indicates that the immune function may be modified by conditioning techniques, perceived control, or the individual’s ability to cope with stress-inducing factors. This suggests a possible means of alleviating the stress-induced effects. This review will examine the current available data on the effects of chronic environmental noise exposure on immune function.

  2. As usual the “old banana” ….”there isn’t any scientific evidence to date”… still being used to repute any “moratorium” discussions.

    Anyone who quotes this from this date on should be considered a “Dinosaur, Uninformed, Arrogant or at the very least just plain STUPID”………….pick any word you want but for heavens sake to those who quack this statement when arguing for a continuation of the Wind Agenda, just shut up and get up to speed.

    There is scientific evidence published all over the world that makes this argument as outdated as the people who state it!

  3. “there isn’t any scientific evidence to date”
    this statement should remind us that smoking, asbestos, lead in paint, DDT, etc. used to be quite acceptable.
    When will we ever learn?-When will we ever learn???

  4. The provincial government B.S. is clearly meant to be a stall tactic so hundreds more of the throbbing monsters can go in. The half wits at Queen’s Park will admit there’s scientific evidence when the last turbine goes up. “Oops, we didn’t know any of this years ago!” Criminal!

  5. You hit the nail on the head, Notsogullible. Quite evident that these government
    officials are all following the same directive in responding to health/property
    value issues with respect to IWT’s. Sad thing is, most of these bureaucratic
    bobble heads wouldn’t know what an IWT is, forget knowing anything about
    them. Come the end of the day, in the fantasy world of the public sector, these
    buffoons are secure in the knowledge that they will be exonorated for their blatant

  6. This is a race against time, at this point. People in Europe are complaining, people in the U.S. are complaining, and we’re saying in Ontario, Don’t rush into this!
    The developers just have to get as many up as quickly as they can, then pack their carpet bags and move onto the next vulnerable area.

  7. Yes, madasabat, the bungling, buffoonish bobbleheads in the provincial government will not only be exonerated but will be the recipients of gold-plated pensions for their efforts! Ain’t life grand?

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