Samsung Buries Ontario Deep into Third-World Abyss

Insane? Signing away Billions of Ontario Tax Dollars to Subsidize a Foreign Company

Gerson Lehrman Group

Economies of the Third-World are usually defined by “sweat shops” or “branch-plants” operations. The definition has recently been enforced onto the province of Ontario by Samsung’s “Green Deal” as a reminder to all, that the auto-industry “branch-plant” policies of 60’s have just found a worthy successor which — as opposed to the already known perils of car industry – has, in the long run, all the features of setting the Province on the slide into the socio-economic oblivion.   Read entire article here

3 thoughts on “Samsung Buries Ontario Deep into Third-World Abyss

  1. Why is it that we need politicians that offer alternative solutions to our current situation with not enough study on a problem that is definitely requiring more follow up?

    Our federal politicians-excuse me-Harper and his band of no minds will prove to us that we don’t really need them. Take the whole year off-give up your salaries and perks and just have 1 day to give a synopsis of the past year and how they plan on correcting problems in the forethcoming year.

    Wait until July 1st when the HST is introduced. a revenue-neutral tax is how it is being touted. If the HST is revenue-neutral, it will only prove how inneffectual the politicians really are.

    They treat us as though we are all dummies. Is it because the collective memory is so short?

    The next election should prove to all of us how we feel. I only hope that we get off our apathetic butts and actually vote en mass to prove that we haven’t forgotten.

    Electing political parties should be made mandatory. It is a privilege to live in a country that still has some semblance to a democracy-lets all remember that!!

  2. Politicians do whatever they want and treat us like dummies because we let them. Do you think alot of yelling and blogging is going to change anything!! NO!! Violent revolutionary uprisings are the only thing that will change anything. But we here in Canada are all good little angels that like to make signs and protest peacefully because we have a right too while our govt ignores us. We have no one to blame but ourselves for the way this country is run so you should just keep bending over and taking it up the pooper.

  3. We are way too “trustworthy” …………..once you let your guard down and start to “trust” someone, specially a politician then a whole slew of slithering dishonest and morally bankrupt slugs crawl out from under their rocks and “assume” that being “trustworthy” is a sign of weakness!

    Then when these malcontents get caught with their fat greasy and greedy fingers in the proverbial cookie jar then the “crocodile tears flow with a never ending litany of apologies and promises of going to the light”!


    Never let your guard down fellow Canadians, we have allowed a nest of vipers to assume power over US and this will be a very difficult time for all of us to get our Freedom back!

    Start with your Municipal Councillors in November and don’t vote for anyone unless they vow to stop the Province’s criminal conduct! If any councilor agrees with anything the McGuinty Government has planned for US, then he or she should not get ONE SINGLE VOTE!

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