Vermont Looking at 2 Km Setbacks

A group of Vermont legislators has introduced a bill (H.677) requiring the following setbacks and noise/vibration limits for wind turbines exceeding 0.49 MW.  Click here for the full text of the bill.

Setbacks.  At a minimum, a wind turbine shall be set back horizontally: 

  1. One and one-quarter miles from 1 an occupied building, if the elevation change between the wind turbine and the occupied building is equal to or less than 500 feet.
  2. Two miles from an occupied building, if the elevation change between the wind turbine and the occupied building exceeds 500 feet.
  3. One-half mile from the closest boundary of the parcel on which the wind turbine will be located.
  4. One-third of a mile from any public highway or right-of-way and from any above-ground utility line or facility.  However, this subdivision shall not apply to an electric line that directly connects a wind turbine to a substation or other utility facility.

Dr. Pierpont has been joined by Dr. F. Owen Black (Neurotologist:  regarding the vestibular symptoms of Wind Turbine Syndrome), Dr. Joel F. Lehrer (Otolaryngologist:  likewise regarding vestibular symptoms of WTS), and Dr. Stanley M. Shapiro (Cardiologist:  regarding the cardiac repercussions of sleep deprivation associated with WTS) in supporting this proposed legislation.  They have been joined by nationally-ranked noise engineer, George Kamperman. 

Click here for the full text of their letter of support.

4 thoughts on “Vermont Looking at 2 Km Setbacks

  1. A first, tentative step toward sanity.

    300 to 550-metre setbacks? A joke! (A cruel one at that.)

  2. I guess 2 miles would virtually eliminate all Industrial incentives for a Wind Company to even consider building within this guideline and would probably do the job in “killing” this insanity.

    However I still must state that NO Wind Turbines would be even better. They don’t work, They don’t save the planet> They don’t cut down on fossil fuel generation……………..all they do is DESTROY!

  3. In Vermont, they idea of large-scale industrial development of mountain ridgelines — with their unique habitats and ecosystems and their spiritual importance — is unbelievable. Wind turbines should be strictly banned, like everything else, from the ridgelines. This bill would force some consideration at least of the human neighbors.

    NOTE: The bill has not yet been scheduled for testimony in the House Natural Resources and Energy committee. Letters to its chair, Tony Klein, the vice chair, Joseph Krawczyk, and Ranking Member, Betty Nuovo, would help to move it forward:

  4. Yes, sanity is getting rid of them. But if insanity prevails for a time until people wake up to the scam, then at least ensure the monsters are kept well away from rural residents, schools, highways etc.

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