Look who Dalton McGuinty has crawled into bed with

The McGuinty Liberals made a undertendered, ½ billion dollar sweetheart deal behind closed doors, against the wishes of his caucus with our tax money.    Samsung has no experience in the wind industry, not even in Korea.  The Auditor General needs to take a closer look at this.

Samsung rocked by bribery investigation   Muttered accusations of bribery, stock manipulation, tax evasion and dirty tricks have always surrounded South Korea’s mighty chaebolThe inquiry follows allegations by one of Samsung’s own legal team that the company had created a 200 billion won slush fund used for bribing government officials.

Samsung chief indicted on tax evasion charge  An extensive and embarrassing investigation of the most iconic industrialist in South Korea has ended with an indictment on tax evasion charges for Lee Kun-hee, the chairman of Samsung.

7 thoughts on “Look who Dalton McGuinty has crawled into bed with

  1. “The inquiry follows allegations by one of Samsung’s own legal team that the company had created a 200 billion won slush fund used for bribing government officials.”

    So, how can we get the Auditor General to look into this? I guess flooding the office with emails and letters is a good start.

    However, even if they did look into it, and found evidence of bribery, would that even mean anything to the deal?

  2. One bunch of crooks — the Koreans at Samsung –dealing with another greedy bunch — McGuinty and his den of thieves at Queen’s Park.

  3. It’s funny that Dalton eliminates the one person in the Ontario Bureaucratic Government that was doing his job…Mr Andre Marin…from the Ombudsman’s office…

    Guess Marin was an obstruction to Dalton’s goal of political corruption…E-Health, OLG Scandals, WSIB, Caledonia and other insurrections, FAKE Green Energy Act, CAS….

    I could go on but I’m going to start a football team..You know like the team that asks the Ontario Liberal Government for a $150,000 grant and get $1,000,000….

  4. “South Korean officials announced Monday December 28/2009 that President Lee Myung-bak plans to pardon former Samsung Chairman and CEO Kun-Hee Lee on tax fraud charges he was convicted of in 2008.”

    The reason given for this “pardon” was so South Korea could look good in the eyes of the World for their bid for the 2018 Olympics!

    So in essence Politics is allowing criminal behaviour to flourish and I assume the words: “too big to jail” comes to mind here.

    Now Ontario has embraced this Company and it’s players to come into our home Province and “have at it” with OUR MONEY!

    Isn’t there any kind of law against hiring someone with a criminal record in this Province?……………I bet anyone who is a citizen of Ontario and has a criminal record can’t travel across the border into the U.S. let alone be “bonded” and allowed to work for a Bank, Hospital, Trucking Company, and on and on ……YET one can get their hands on a 1/2 billion dollar hand out to start a company?……………Puuulllleease!…tell me I’m crazy!

  5. Maybe the only criterion needed was “How much can you pay us back?” as the Samsung Group obviously do not know anything about building wind turbines. Bribing appears to be something they do know. Does this make us legally involved since they will be using our tax money, Dalton will give to them, to bribe Dalton? Makes me a bit sick.

  6. The optics on this deal are really bad. The Premier of Ontario, against the wishes of some of his caucus, makes a sole source, closed-door deal with a company under suspicion of bribery to build wind turbines in Ontario. I believe that I read in that report by David Robinson that Samsung doesn’t even make wind turbines, which begs the question: Why wasn’t this deal made with a company experienced in wind turbine design and construction? How did a company with no experience in this sector win such a contract? This certainly should be looked by the Auditor General.

  7. PLEASE, Bring on the Election so we can get these bandits out of office. As a Snr Citizen and Vet, we definately don’t need the Dalton or George “DICTATORSHIP ” in Ontario nor Canada for that matter.
    We, the TAX Payers are getting the shaft AGAIN over Dalton’s “GREEN ENERGY RAM/PUSH without Due Dilligence” by our LEADERS??in Government.
    They have to be evicted along with many “self serving” Town Councils in Ontario.

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