Bill 150 represents the selling out of Essex County

Amherstburg Echo
To all the angry people opposing the 715 industrial wind turbines in Lake Erie:

Greedy developers wanting to exploit our natural areas is nothing new. They have always been out there and always will.

What is different now is that the Green Energy Act (Bill 150) which was passed last September has now killed the citizen’s right to object, stripped our local councils of any power and handed over our lands and lakes to these developers to exploit as they please. This is Dalton McGuinty’s pet project and the Ontario Liberals platform is based on this scheme to smother our rural communities and natural areas with giant industrial generators.

As you all saw at the meetings, SouthPoint had no answers and put these meetings on simply to satisfy the façade of “public consultation.” Your concerns will be ignored, as they have been for all wind projects to date in Ontario. The only environmental “studies” to date have been conducted by the developer himself and simply rubberstamped by the MOE and Minister Gerretsen. If you’ve ever read one, you would see they are sales pitches, not objective scientific studies.

Blame the McGuinty Liberals for promoting this environmental travesty. Bruce Crozier, Dwight Duncan and Sandra Pupetello are directly and fully responsible for pushing through Bill 150, the unprecedented loss of democracy and the selling out of Essex County.

Maureen Anderson, Amherstburg

4 thoughts on “Bill 150 represents the selling out of Essex County

  1. from the link above

    “Smitherman, George ARCHITECT of Green Energy Act RESIGNS JANUARY 4th/10”

    If any of the thumbs down people are living in Toronto and considering voting for Smitherman… realize that the man does not care about democracy..
    Does not believe in the democratic process…
    The Green Energy Act totally takes away a persons ability/right to say “No! I do not want these turbines”.

    What happens when he wants to do something in Toronto that some people do not want? Will he sort another act or law?

    I remember when they wanted to get rid of the streetcars… we won that time. Felt real good..
    Felt like I had a say..

  2. Once Smitherman had done his job and it was to remove the Democracy from US at our Municipal level by over riding our Planning Authority and his last act was to sign the deal with Samsung he “slithered away” so he wouldn’t have to stand the criticism that was coming his way.

    He now wants to dismantle Toronto’s safeguards that will allow his buddy McGuinty to screw over Torontonians and put the whole plan in place.

    Renewable prices for Hydro that will eliminate “marginal” homeowners who can’t afford the hefty electrical bills. Free up those homes to a wealthier class of people who can afford them and then place these marginal folks into high density homes all next to the Metrolinks plan so they can be controlled and monitored 24 hours a day, have cheap services delivered and “screw the poor” as they are just a “burden” on “society” of which Smitherman is so proud to be called the leader of.

    Anyone read “1984”?

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