Major Cracks Confirmed in IPSP Operability Assessment

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We presented our attack on GE Truewind to the WPSC on Jan. 28, 2009, identifying flaws in key mathematical results that suggest systematic errors in the base wind production data upon which the GE study was based. I have been begging the IESO to get a reply from GE ever since at almost every meeting of the WPSC. Now the response from GE confirms our major concerns.

GE’s acknowledgments suggest that a review of the IESO’s operability assessment is in order.  Read entire article here.

2 thoughts on “Major Cracks Confirmed in IPSP Operability Assessment

  1. Seems this Provincial Government can be accused of almost anything and not have to answer for one single accusation should be a wake up call that we basically have no say in our affairs anymore.

    It’s called a Dictatorship folks!

  2. Tom has posted a little more information and a link which will interest the technically inclined.

    Regardless I take his point to heart that the questions he asked should have been answerable in a short period of time considering their importance. However, I suspect that very little has been done in the way of serious production studies and noise studies.

    If I had to guess I would say that it took a long time to answer him because they simply did not have the data, and/or did not want to generate or obtain the data.

    My past experience during my design career with GE was good, but now I am wondering what kind of people work for them these days.

    It’s good to have someone as capable as Tom looking at the data and asking questions.

    Thank you!

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