Hey, Dalton Quixote!

By: Larry Fedoruk  News Talk 610 CKTB

I thought Mr. Premier I would add to your less than stellar summer by pointing out the Danish experience with wind power.

 In 1980 the Danish government was among the first to bring in large-scale subsidies.

 Denmark has since had more wind turbines per capita than any other country and Vestas, the world’s leading turbine firm, is based in that country.

 Also however, Danes have paid some of the highest energy tariffs in Europe, and due to public protests the government is curbing handouts to the wind industry.

 Earlier this year, Danes formed a new national anti-wind body “Neighbours of Large Wind Turbines” and more than 40 civic groups joined. 

 There has also been growing scrutiny of wind industry claims.  Most energy created there cannot actually be used in Denmark.  Other than hydro power, electricity cannot be stored in large quantities, so wind power has to be generated as needed.  Most of Denmark’s wind electricity is therefore exported. 

 Wind experts call it “an outbreak of realism”, something you Mr. Quixote, er uh, McGuinty could use.  Wind is not a bad technology, just more limited than people thought in the past.

 Some of this is on your pal Smitherman, whom you’ve tactfully tried to pawn off on Toronto voters.  It looks like they’ll pass on his mayoral highness.  If he comes crawling back to your door, what will you, George and your friends at Samsung do then?

 You may think we don’t know much, but we certainly know which way the wind blows.

5 thoughts on “Hey, Dalton Quixote!

  1. How does one come to the conclusion that wind is not a bad technology when it cannot replace the mining of coal, reduce the C02 or other GHG gases, provide reliable dispatchable generation or significant amounts of generation all at 16 times the cost of traditional forms of electricity. What is wrong with simply saying NO! to scams like wind and solar energy. We are being duped into thinking this will have any kind of favourable impact on our energy needs, or provide “clean” energy. On top of all that it ends up subjecting residents to industrial development which lowers their property values and in some cases forces them from their homes because of the debilitating noise. If that is not “BAD” than I hate to see your definition of “good”.

  2. Hey Bluenoser and all who want to be informed. One thing when battling this Wind Terror that should begin all debates is: Wind Turbines Don’t Work!…NO Wind Turbines Anywhere!”
    Once you state that loud and clear all other comments are “moot”!

  3. Actually…

    Wind turbines DO work! (I’m now ducking behind my all-steel desk)

    The little island of Samso off the Danish coast gets 100% of its electricity from wind.
    (not 100% of the time mind you…) They actually generate more wind power then they
    use. At least, they do when the wind is blowing, which on Samso, is most of the time.
    This however, is not the case here in Ontario. At least, not where the turbines are presently

    However, The main mover and shaker of this experiment Soren Hermansen states;
    “If you own a share in a wind turbine it looks better, it sounds better,” he says. ”
    It sounds like money in the bank.”

    This of course, applies to a large portion of the islands 4,200 inhabitants. Unlike
    here in Ontario, Samso is stealing money from the rest of Denmark and in Ontario,
    wind proponents are stealing money from us!

    Unlike Ontario, Samso took a holistic approach to green energy and most island residence
    also did major energy upgrades to their homes and went ga-ga on biofuels as well in the form
    of agricultural, forestry and other bo-wastes.

    I have a sneaking suspicion this approach isn’t likely to work very well in Toronto, Ottawa,
    Hamilton or any other metropolitan center in Ontario.

    The niche aspects of what Samso did is just one reason why the coal fired plant just across the
    strait in Denmark is still running at full tilt, completely unaffected by all of Samso’s best green efforts. Much like Ontario’s fossil based generation is today and at the rate we are building new nat-gas generation, long into the future.

    Samso is not an example of what green energy can do for the world, it is an example of what green energy can do for Samso as the results in the rest of Denmark attest.


  4. Bluenoser,

    Keep in touch and keep us informed as to your progress in fighting wind turbines.

  5. Yes Bluenoser, please keep in touch……3 years ago when I started to research Wind Turbines the very first story to pop up about how bad these really were was from Nova Scotia………you folks have had your share of experience with these nasty fake monsters and we here in Ontario feel your pain!

    We have Municipal Elections in October and there are a number of “new” candidates trying to get inside this rot to kick some bums out …when is your Municipal Elections?

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