Latte Liberals out of control

We can’t pay for hydro, yet Ontario Power Authority is hiring university grad to serve coffee

by Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun

The lights are on.  Your cheque is in the mail.

That, in a nutshell, was the message a beleaguered Premier Dalton McGuinty wanted you to get.

Tuesday, McGuinty announced a credit of up to $1,025 for seniors who need help paying their hydro bills.  Some low-income renters and homeowners who aren’t seniors will get a rebate.  The threshold is $25,000 for a single senior and $30,000 for a couple over 65.

This year, the rebate will be processed through the income tax system. Next year, a conveniently-timed cheque will land in your mailbox in July. Yes, that’s right, just a month before campaigning starts officially for the provincial election.

Not that anyone’s trying to buy your vote or anything.

Make no mistake. This is just a Band-aid for bad policy.

It’s reminiscent of 2002, when another beleaguered premier — Ernie Eves — announced a cap on hydro rates to offset soaring rates. Except back then, electricity was almost half the price it is now.

Eves was consistent about one thing — he wanted the GST taken off electricity. If that had happened back then, we wouldn’t be getting slapped with another 8% of HST now.

We are being impoverished by taxes.

McGuinty’s spending is out of control. The Liberals have almost doubled spending since they took office.

That’s why they need the massive rake-off from the HST.

In combination with skyrocketing rate hikes, homeowners — seniors particularly — are finding it increasingly more difficult to afford their electricity.

McGuinty says they need this hike to build new generation and new infrastructure. Liberals brag about closing coal plants — a flawed and foolish policy that is pricing electricity beyond our means.

It’s also paying for the perks and plums of the bloated new energy bureaucracy McGuinty’s government has spawned.

The Ontario Power Authority is the agency charged with ensuring adequate supply of electricity.

Judging by an ad on Workopolis, they’re also ensuring a steady stream of coffee and goodies to their executives.

The OPA is looking for a “Hospitality co-ordinator.” The lucky candidate will be responsible for setting up meeting rooms and solving problems such as double-bookings for rooms.

He or she will: “Order & coordinate catering for small to large meetings and various corporate events for up to 300 participants; this includes monthly Board of Director’s meetings.

“Order, receive and set-up catering and beverages, Set-up roster of caterers for different levels of events, and ensure the information is available on-line for all OPA administrative staff.” The job entails making sure meeting rooms and kitchens are clean. The hospitality guru will, “Order and ensure stocking of the meeting room kitchens with consumables (coffee, sugar, water etc), supplies (cups, cutlery, napkins etc.).” Applicants for this job require a post-secondary education, two to five years office experience and the “ability to deal with ambiguity and tight deadlines.” Imagine that. You now need a degree to get coffee for the bosses.

It’s enough to make you gag.

What company in the private sector hires someone to get coffee? What private sector company buys the coffee and “consumables” for its employees?

Someone needs to tell these energy companies we’re not the suckers they take us for.

Talk about let them eat cake.

Families around the province are staggering under the overbearing weight of their electricity bills.

And we’re paying for bureaucrats’ lattes.

10 thoughts on “Latte Liberals out of control

  1. Negotiating with our elected officials has become an insurmountable chore. I think that this is a case where we the citizens of Ontario might apply to the UN for assistance.

    “The UN finds its niche: little green men

    Okay, so maybe Mazlan Othman, the Malaysian astrophysicist who heads the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), didn’t claim she was about to be made Earth’s ambassador to visiting aliens. Maybe London’s Times on Sunday misinterpreted what she said she would tell delegates at next week’s meeting of the prestigious Royal Society in Buckinghamshire, England. …”

    It is, after all, somewhat like dealing with aliens where it seems impossible to find common ground.

  2. All other issues aside, this government
    and its hoard of bungling bureaucrats
    obviously bought into this green energy
    fiasco without having the common sense
    to determine the full impact it would have
    on our elelctricity costs. Proof in point is
    McGuinty’s knee-jerk reaction (tax credits)
    to combat this miscalculation, which further
    exemplifies exactly how clueless this
    government is.
    McGuinty and friends aren’t out to save
    the planet, all these blood suckers care
    about is getting re-elected. Hopefully the
    energy issue will be the ‘political suicide’
    needed to run these morons out of office.

  3. Am I the only one or is the news lately getting more bizarre by the day?

    “Alien Welcoming Committee by the U.N.”

    “Amazon country Ecuador blackmailing Western Society or they will destroy the forest?”

    “James Cameron visits the Tar Sands and then offers to help Natives to sue Canadians for destroying their lands and water?”

    “McGuinty feels our pain yet continues the beatings”

    “Wind Turbines are totally useless but going up like there is a race against time”

    Oh, I get it…..anyone in a position of Power has gone completely “Insane”……how silly of me!

  4. Quixy,

    And I was starting to think that ‘insanity’ was a prerequisite for anyone seeking a position of power.

  5. Quixote:

    There has always been some pretty bizarre happenings in the world. Maybe you are just becoming more sensitized to them.

    Should you get elected to public office perhaps it will be your fate to appear in some of these stories. 😉


  6. My wife has already said I have “gone off my nut” by running for election so I guess I’ll fit in quite nicely eh?…………..Ha.LOL

  7. Quixote: It did not take you long to figure out the whole IWT push was not only a health problem but a big scam and you were not afraid to speak out no matter how unpopular speaking out against IWTs was at the time. You are determined to do something about the ignorance and inaction of local governments. Your actions are not a sign of going off your nut, but that of integrity. We need more like you in government positions. Glad you are going for it. Your wife should be proud of you.

  8. NEWS TODAY: Job Application for “Hospitality Co-coordinator” for the OPA was yanked today!

  9. The video has been removed.

    A link to the original Guardian Article.

    Keep in mind where you stand as “anti-environmental” activists. Hopefully the OPP will not take these tactics to heart. 😉

    From the Guardian…
    “Our friends at the 10:10 climate change campaign have given us the scoop on this highly explosive short film, written by Britain’s top comedy screenwriter Richard Curtis, ahead of its general release.

    It’s most definitely striking and if you haven’t watched it yet – taking into account the warning that it contains scenes some people may find disturbing – do so now, before I give too much away.”

    With “friends” like these…

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