Huron MPP Carol Mitchell on why she missed the wind turbine meeting…

6 thoughts on “Huron MPP Carol Mitchell on why she missed the wind turbine meeting…

  1. WHICH ONE? FIRST,SECOND,THIRD,etc.,etc.,etc.Sure makes you want to re-elect her?NO

  2. When asked what she was planning to do to help the affected residents in Ripley, she answered during standing committee meetings on the GEA, that she was told by the company to not get involved.
    A classical example of how rural people are being treated as expendable collateral.

  3. Yes, Rural Grubby, you’re so right.

    IWT Developers didn’t take any time or effort to learn what effects IWT’s might have on people, plants and animals BEFORE inflicting them on the poorest, weakest among us. We are the lab rats and guinea pigs whose symptoms are just recently being examined by medical professionals and for whom the illness care costs will multiply as more and more people are affected.

    Politicians like your MPP didn’t do their due diligence to ask all the questions after examining ALL the history of these machines around the globe. Just mindlessly accepting the assurances of CanWEA/AWEA promoters is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

    Voters/ Electors/Taxpayers, use the time until the next election wisely. Question your candidates daily or weekly as you can.

    Remember the rules they make can destroy lives!

  4. Isn’t it ironic, poetic in some’s eyes I’m sure.

    “the white man now cometh for us”.

    I’m not kidding about that.

  5. Sounds like the MPP is taking orders from the wind company if she was told by the company not to get involved. The worst is she is willing to publicly say the company told her not to get involved. What a loser.

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