Letter of support from Save the Eagles International – Spain

I am writing to you from Spain. I wish to say how concerned we are, my European colleagues and I, about the ill-effects wind turbines are having on the health of nearby residents. In Europe as in North America, there is no effective legislation imposing minimum setbacks between these noisy, vibrating structures and human habitations. The collusion between the windfarm industry and the political class is such that the health issue is simply being negated. Yet, more and more victims of the Wind Turbine Syndrome are making their voices heard, and many of their poignant letters can be read on the Internet. Sadly, the mainstream media has largely ignored the problem, for it’s not politically correct to tell the truth about windfarms.

But truth is remarkable in that it can’t be covered up forever. Sooner or later it comes to the surface, and class action suits inevitably follow. May this First International Symposium go a long way in raising public awareness on the adverse health effects of windfarms. May the media bring it to their attention, and may governments finally legislate to impose a minimum distance between wind turbines and people’s homes.

God bless you all.

Mark Duchamp
Co-founder, European Platform Against Windfarms  
Director, Iberica 2000
President, Save the Eagles International

17 thoughts on “Letter of support from Save the Eagles International – Spain

  1. We’re getting these wind farms/zones because our governments want us to reduce our carbon emission footprint. They don’t want the “climate to change” and they’ve inflicted fear in those gullible enough to believe them (school-children and politicians). IWT’s are their answer to this looming problem in addition to a few other tactics. Let’s not forget to celebrate 10:10 today…….no pressure folks!

  2. We are very quickly “dismantling” the fake and bogus programs that NGO’s and Governments have been actively promoting for over 30 years now with the help of our own money!

    These “eco-whackos” have scared our children long enough and it’s time to shut them down!

    It may “seem” that we aren’t getting very far as fast as we want but we are unbiased, unpaid, and have TRUTH on our side!

    We have informed many thousands of people across the world about this Wind Scam and continue to do so every hour,24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

    We also are now taking our cause INSIDE the political arena and will start to dismantle the rot inside our current political system to bring back some semblance of Democracy!

    Things don’t look good for these “greed merchants” and although we will be left with a huge mess to clean up after they are booted to the gutters, at least our children and grand children will stand a chance to live in a Free World once again!

  3. Look at that 1010global.org has found an effective way to reduce CO2. Eliminate 10% of the world population! What will they do when they find that that hasn’t worked?

  4. While I appreciate Mr. Duchamp’s letter of support for human inhabitants of the planet, “minimum distance between wind turbines and people’s homes” does not help the eagles.

    If he represents “Save the Eagles International”, why is he not writing on behalf of eagles?

    Minimum setback requirements can become a workable compromise for Big Wind. Destroy land, animals, birds, water, as long as people are “spared.”

    This is not whole world thinking; rather, it presumes human importance/superiority over our bird and animals.

    Again I ask where is the eagles’ voice?

    Who is this author, really? Since, evidently, his priority is humans and not eagles, he should use a letter head which is more representative of his values.

    On this beautiful Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks for and to eagles and all birds, bats and other flying relations.

  5. claire,maybe most of the European bird population is already gone so very few birds are left to defend.

    Correct me if I’m wrong , but don’t think even Hitler went as far with his propagand as showing a film to children in schools where their heads are being blown off in the schools if they don’t believe global warming is true.

    This is what 10:10 means. This is a desparate act on the part of desparate people to promote climate change/global warming.

  6. 10:10 is just another loser NGO that shouldn’t be allowed to exist………..without funding they wouldn’t……….cut off the money supply to these disgusting organizations and they will disappear!

  7. Barbara, if I read that this is being shown to children in schools, I probably blocked it from my consciousness.

    If this is, as you say, an act of desperation, showing it to kids is, in itself, an act of violence.

    As for numbers of birds, aren’t we supposed to enact even greater protection for species “at risk?” That is, the fewer the numbers, the greater the push to save?

    I am not a fan of the numbers game. I have lived with birds. Each one is a precious, intelligent, perceptive, emotional, highly evolved individual.

    I find Mark Duchamp’s letter, written as the president of Save the Eagles International, to be contradictory – I do not feel inclined to second-guess him.

  8. I will have to check the source of these videos.

    They reveal the fascist nature of extreme “environmentalism”, and, therein lies the truth of them.

  9. I am familiar with the film. Evidently, not everyone feels the same way as you do. Some people actually choose to move there from “The West.”

    Maybe there are no wind turbines there.

  10. Prince Charles along with all the other weirdos that embrace high density living all subscribe to the UN Agenda 21 and the packing of many many people into a very small space.

    Of course Prince Charles is a nut case that should actually just enjoy his estates and shut up about what’s good for “normal people”.

    Those in Toronto that have experienced Miller’s “Metrolinks debacle” can attest to one of the many facets of Agenda 21 which is totally inhuman!

  11. People believe that the 10:10 movie is bad. There is worse stuff out there. No headless children in this link, but if you really want to understand the mindset of the eco-nuts that bring us these movies and the “Green Laws” Have a look…

    “President Obama’s top science and technology advisor John P. Holdren co-authored a 1977 book in which he advocated the formation of a “planetary regime” that would use a “global police force” to enforce totalitarian measures of population control, including forced abortions, mass sterilization programs conducted via the food and water supply, as well as mandatory bodily implants that would prevent couples from having children.”


    Just words — but far more dangerous than the pictures.

    Ours Fawning Liberals (Federal and Provincial) run in lockstep with the eco-weirdos in the United States.

    It really is frightening.

    If they de-develop the USA — where will we be?

  12. The fate of both Canada and the U.S. are at stake here and the goal is to de-develop both countries leaving us all impoverished.

    It’s my understanding that the bloody 10:10 film was shown in a few schools. Of course pulled when the public found out about it.

    You would think that Pres. Obama would be embarassed by the actions of John P. Holdren but he needs the eco-nuts political support.

  13. That video is insane!!!!!!!!! There is no love for humanity if saving humanity means killing in cold blood for an ideology.

  14. The 10:10 video gives the illusion that most would do something to meet 10:10. In reality most will do nothing that requires effort or sacrifice to meet 10:10, though they may say they do. Peer pressure at its worst. This video is a call for genocide and could be considered by a few insane people as a means of meeting 10:10. Anyone involved in making that film should be charged with promoting hate. It is not humour.

  15. The 10:10 bloody video produced to be shown in schools is more than insane.It is EVIL.

    It was produced to influence children’s thinking. Makes it ok to kill anyone who disagrees with main stream thinking on any particular issue of the day.

    It’s almost beyond belief that this group thought this is all right and that they could get away with doing this. These are people who do not know right from wrong.

  16. Here’s another. Brought to you by Greenpeace:


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