Blame Ontario Green Energy Act

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There is joy and euphoria in Oakville. The power plant has been cancelled. This is a great relief for the people who fought the monstrous 900-megawatt power plant and the government that was going to impose it. Many Thanksgiving celebrations will have included toasts of thanks to the efforts and determination of C4CA.

Once the elation abates, we will have time to look back as well as look to the future.

In retrospect, the root cause of the fight was the Liberal government’s ‘green’ energy act. Authority was stripped from municipalities so that the provincial government had complete control. The purpose of government is to serve the people not control them.

Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn was a significant contributor to the content of the Green Energy Act and must be held accountable for the subsequent events that occurred in Oakville.  In the future, one has to ask, if the current MPP did not have the wisdom and foresight needed to see the ramifications of his own legislation, what future laws will be passed? If McGuinty is given another mandate, will the power plant come back? Simply put, can we trust this government again when they want so much control? Should we forgive and forget? Should we be grateful to an MPP who started the problem?

We must all ask ourselves these questions.

Dan McCash, Oakville

3 thoughts on “Blame Ontario Green Energy Act

  1. If anyone really needs confirmation how Kevin Flynn is “part of the problem” and not the solution please go to this link and see who voted for the Green Energy Act back last May/2009.

    I’m sure he doesn’t want to be viewed in this web link but he can’t hide by claiming any victory in the Oakville debacle!

  2. The FAKE Green Energy Act is one of the most fascist pieces of legislation in Canadian history,,,Ontario Liberals have no respect for the people of Ontario,,,and effectively sold us out…

  3. Shame shame shame on Mauro. I am very tired of these mpp’s who remained completely silent in the faces of adverse health victims pleading for help and who now have issues wth the mess they allowed to happen. Stand up and be a man or go away and keep quiet like you have for the past 3+ years. Stay away from reporters unless you are willing to tell the truth. These “silent” politicians are morally bankrupt allowing the known harm to the environment, people and animals. No wonder no one trusts them. Sorry to the few decent ones out there.

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