Hudak vows to recharge Ontario’s energy policy

By Antonella Artuso, Queen’s Park Bureau Chief   Toronto Sun

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak said he won’t rip up signed energy contracts but the days of attracting solar and wind power to the province with pledges of highly lucrative rates would end under a PC government.

A Hudak government would also seek out “willing hosts” for energy projects and allow people to opt back to flat electricity rates, he said.

“Energy policy is about economics and stop treating it like a social program,” Hudak said in breakfast speech Thursday hosted by the Ontario Energy Association. “Quite frankly, we cannot continue to pursue green energy policies that unnecessarily drive up the cost for consumers and have punitive impacts on our broader economy.”

With the provincial election less than a year away and the Ontario Liberals taking heat on rising hydro rates, many players in the power sector were interested to hear Hudak’s vision for energy.

The PC leader said he would hit the green light on new nuclear and water power.

Huday said he would also put a consumer advocate into the Ontario Energy Board — the body that regulates the province’s electricity and natural gas sectors in the public interest.

While he isn’t dismissing renewable energy, Hudak said wind and solar power can’t continue to be purchased at guaranteed prices well above the market rate for electricity.

The Liberal policy on green energy is driving up hydro prices, he said.

Hudak said one of the measures most needed in electricity is consistency and long-range planning, criticizing both the Liberals who just pulled the plug on the Oakville power plant after inking a deal and on his own government under former Conservative Premier Ernie Eves who pulled a “180” when it abruptly abandoned its own plans for the electricity sector.

Energy Minister Brad Duguid said Hudak’s vision is backward-looking and would return the province to a time when it was forced to rely on dirty sources of energy.

It’s the Liberal government’s commitment to finding additional cleaner sources of energy that has given the system the option of nixing the Oakville plant, which is no longer needed to meet electricity demand, he said.

“With (Hudak’s) policies, there’s no question there would have to be a gas plant in Oakville because we wouldn’t have the flexibility to consider any other options,” Duguid said, predicting the Tory leader’s views on hydro would kill many of the 50,000 jobs that the Liberal’s Green Energy Act is creating.

14 thoughts on “Hudak vows to recharge Ontario’s energy policy

  1. What if many, many more Big Wind contracts are signed between now and the election?

    And, of course, there are a lot already signed.

  2. Brad Duguid’s comments become more inane by the day.
    Tim Hudak is making a good start. He has to tread carefully here, as the Liberals will attack anything he says.
    I agree desperate wind companies will push for a slew of approvals before the next election.

  3. Didn’t the OPA already have a forward looking comprehensive “green” energy plan back in 2007-2008 before “curious George” threw all caution to the wind (no pun intended)?

    I submit that in order for us to find out where we’re going it may be prudent to ascertain where we have been. Just because it is new, doesn’t mean it is better.

    Sean Holt.

  4. The unwavering refusal of the Ontario PC’s to investigate problems with Industrial Wind – to become informed about the real threats to human, animal and environmental health, about the complete and utter uselessness of this so-called technology to provide anything resembling a dependable supply of electricity (at any price) – strongly suggests that a big boatload of Tories are invested up to their armpits in this scam as well…

    Time for the courts to reset the rules – putting the health and welfare of Ontarians, once again, ahead of the visions of riches and despicable greed that appears to be dominating Queen’s Park on both sides of the aisle.

  5. As I keep saying — the back rooms of the Tory party have the same wind power corporations as the Libs.

    No mention of health problems or falling real estate values from Hudak.

    What a damned cover-up!

    I’ll be at the Belwood/Fergus meeting Oct. 26 to protest as I have a farm here as well.

    — Victor Fletcher / Toronto Street News

  6. Hudak and anyone else can say all they want about “changing POLICY”…….. change policy all you want but what the Ontario Homeowners want to really hear and probably won’t is: MAKE OUR HYDRO BILLS AFFORDABLE AGAIN!”

    More Political BS!

  7. Kinda makes one wonder how anyone can afford to live in this Province anymore doesn’t it?

  8. I hate the way these politicians don’t commit and use a lot of words to say nothing.
    Renewables are a failure to the environment and health but Hudak won’t come out and say it.
    Then Duguid uses the gas plant garbage against Hudak.
    These kids should be in the playground, not in positions making drastic decisions that will affect our families for a lifetime.
    I’m getting sick of this .

  9. how would a person e-mail tim hudak dirrectly?? tryed him on face book ect…thanks all

  10. “willing hosts” for energy projects? Is that what T. Hudak said. Isn’t that happening now?
    Nothing will change then.

  11. T3,
    How about the bed bug epidemic. Did this present government ban the pesticides needed to control these little critters due to pressure from the Greenies?

  12. Stories are now floating around that this “bed bug invasion” is actually occurring because of our markets with China, Thailand and other “3rd World Countries” shipping infested clothing into our once very clean and “bed bug free Western Hemisphere!”

    Not only has the “Off Shore Manufacturing sector” basically killed a lot of our Industry, Economy and Democracy but now our Health is being attacked…….what’s next?…….grey Maoist suits?

  13. In the not so distant past bed bugs were common here in the cities. Then sprays were developed that almost eradicated them. Now the bed bugs are back. So were the pesticides used to control them banned? Heard that the pesticides now allowed to be used don’t work on bed bugs.

    Agree the bugs are coming from overseas but we have been importing clothing for quite a few years now. So all of the sudden we have problems
    with them spreading?

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