Province tweaks time-of-use rates

By Antonella Artuso,  Toronto Sun

You want the good hydro news, the bad hydro news or the really bad hydro news?

The Ontario Energy Board is decreasing the cost of low-peak power by 0.2 cents per kWh as of Nov. 1, saving time-of-use electricity ratepayers money if they do things like washing their clothes and using the dishwasher on weekends and after 9 p.m.

However, the OEB is jacking up the mid-peak rate by 0.1 cents per kWh as of Nov. 1.

And thanks to “winter” electricity pricing, after Nov. 1 the highest energy rate will apply between 7 a.m.-11 a.m. and 5 p.m.-9 p.m. on weekdays, just when many families are getting ready for school and work or just returning from those activities.

Still, the OEB estimates that time-of-use consumers will see a $1.21 decrease in their monthly bills or a drop of about 1.1%.

Ratepayers who are not on time-of-use smart meter pricing will see savings of about $2.80 per bill for an average family thanks to cheaper electricity prices for both tiers and adjustments to the threshold at which the higher rate kicks in, the OEB says.

Premier Dalton McGuinty had said that the province might need to tinker with time-of-use pricing after it became apparent that the scheme was costing people money, rather than saving as promised.

To realize the full benefits of time-of-use pricing, ratepayers have to shift significant electricity use to late at night or weekends.

7 thoughts on “Province tweaks time-of-use rates

  1. How did we end up with an idiot for a premier anyway?

    Oh that’s right! He LIED to get elected!

    I guess that makes him a lying idiot then doesn’t it?

    Sean Holt.

  2. It would be demoralizing to the world’s
    idiots to lump McGuinty into their category.
    He is a creature unto himself.

  3. Washing clothes in hot water kills germs. So hot water is not a luxury and is needed to prevent the spread of disease.

  4. Wow!………$2.80 a month!……that relates to about one extra beer a month to drown the sorrows inflicted on us by this incredibly “twisted” individual!

  5. The Star’s article on this, , includes some strange statements from the OEB.

    The article states “the energy board says high power demand during the summer helped produce extra cash.” That’s interesting because the IESO forecast a modest increase, of 1.5%, in consumption this year, and the only reason the demand jumped beyond it in the summer was heat. The trend broke with the weather after the first few days in September, which ended only 1% up and October is thus far 1% down.
    YTD growth is 2.8% and dropping (July was up over 17%).

    Demand isn’t going anywhere unless the economy improves and that isn’t going to happen with McGuinty’s misanthropic policies.

    Regardless, even the Star notes “2006, off-peak rates have surged 46 per cent higher while the peak price has actually dropped 8 per cent”

    These people are just making stuff up when McGuinty tells them his latest political whim.

    We could replace the Ontario Energy Board with a Ouija board, and get more coherent policy.

  6. — and that’s why I received “TWO” pieces of mail from Hydro One today.
    One was my bill with the regular pieces of propaganda.
    The second one was a repeat of the TOU sales literature including two fancy stickers.
    — what a WASTE !!!
    Bytheway: my cost including all taxes = 25.3 cents/kwh —

  7. Doesn’t Mc Guimpy in pic above look like Adolf Hilter with out a moustache ?

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