Councilor: Lead, follow or get out of the way, Carol Mitchell!

Hi Carol,
I understand that you received a PDF file of the location proposals for Wind Turbine placement and lease options on additional land in Central Huron. I have just finished reviewing the locations / placements and I am appalled at the amount of Class 1 farm land that will be consumed either by the turbine or the road leading into it. The future responsible development of CH is being sacrificed by the GEA and the government that implemented it. I find it impossible to believe that a government made up of reasonably intelligent people could agree that this is good planning.
A solar farm is not allowed on prime agricultural land because it is considered to be bad planning but 100 turbines with a road leading into each one consuming 3 – 5 acres each  ( 300 – 500 acres ) is ok. We all know the GEA is severely flawed and the push is on to get these developments at least started before the next election. McGuinty is counting on the urban vote to save him but what about you? Carol, you have an opportunity to do the right thing and you know from looking at the placement map the right thing is to slow down, step back and take a good look at the consequences of your decision. Ignoring the pleas for help from the people who believed in you, enough to re-elect you in the last election should not be construed as a vote for you in the next election.
Do what your conscience is telling you to do for the community you grew up in and have raised your family.  Don’t hang your community out  to dry like you have hung this council out. My world will not end on Tuesday morning if I am not re-elected.  The energy that I have spent trying to do the right thing for the community I call home will be re-channeled to becoming the biggest advocator for change in the next provincial election.
I have not said “ no “ to alternative renewable energy.  My question is how are you so confident that this is the right thing for Central Huron when you are viewing this map for the first time today?  I believe in doing what is right for my constituents future.  My future depends on me doing the right thing and so does yours.  There is a point when it will be too late
I have not entered into the economics of these developments only because when you realize what I am saying is true and you re-evaluate your commitment to your community the economics will be a non topic.
Lead, follow or get out of the way !  I know which one of the three choices I would pick.
Brian J Barnim
Municipality of Central Huron

3 thoughts on “Councilor: Lead, follow or get out of the way, Carol Mitchell!

  1. Mr. Barnim indicates that he has
    not said “no to renewable energy”.
    I would suggest that he is as
    misinformed as Carol Mitchell.

  2. From the tone of his letter, his
    concern appers to be location
    of the turbines, not the turbines

  3. Off Topic But Important:

    THE JOURNAL serving Ogdensburg,N.Y.,Oct.20,10
    From story by Matt McAllister.

    Ch.7’s chief engineer said any residence with a turbine between it and the TV signal would be adversely affected.

    Also posted under “TV Reception A Complaint At Maple Ridge’s Wind Farm”

    So no more free TV? People forced to pay for TV reception. Just great for the poor and working poor.

    U.S. is now on digital TV.

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