Whittington Coalition to meet with lawyers on proposed wind facility

By WES KELLER Freelance Reporter, Orangeville Citizen

Opposition to industrial wind arms hasn’t waned, but the Canadian Wind Energy Association is reporting a growing demand for small wind generators in Canada and apparently world-wide.

That might seem like encouraging news for anyone fighting further development of large-scale wind farms, but it doesn’t mean much to Betsy and Jim Collin, who are in the process of expanding their 300-acre spinach plantation to 500 acres on both sides of the Mono- Amaranth town line at 15 Sideroad.

The existing 300 acres under cultivation, along with the B.J. Collin Limited warehouse and the new $1-million Collin home, is directly across the town line from the proposed WPDCanada Corp.’s 6.9 megawatt wind farm – the three 2.3 MW turbines that led to formation of the Whittington Coalition of residents opposed to the development.

The couple is playing host to a meeting of the coalition and its lawyer next Wednesday evening, Oct. 27, at 7 p.m. in the Collin warehouse.

Betsy’s concern about the giant turbines is manifold. Apart from the standard opposition based on perceived health problems from low-level sound and the effects of wind turbulence from the proximity of the towers directly to the west, she says the position of the towers would forever destroy a valuable property for agricultural purposes.

“This is prime agricultural land. There aren’t many pockets (of land ideally suited to spinach and such) in Ontario. It would totally disrupt our ability to expand in future,” she said in an interview.

As well, she said the turbines – although still at the proposal stage – have already affected property values. “A neighbour has had three offers on her property fall through. Real estate agents have to tell prospective buyers about the turbines,” she said.

Betsy is also concerned that the turbine proponent used outdated maps at a recent open house. She said certain buildings were not identified on the maps, and she questions whether the 550-metre setbacks were accurately displayed.

How would the wind farm destroy a prime piece of agricultural land? Betsy could speak only to the Collin approach to cultivation. Among other things, she said the access roads and the towers would render it impossible to irrigate with modern equipment.

3 thoughts on “Whittington Coalition to meet with lawyers on proposed wind facility

  1. Destruction of Prime Farmland is exactly the intention of this Provincial Government along with their “side kicks” CANWEA.

    Why?…………..Because rural Ontario has to be destroyed so that people will be forced into high density Cityscapes for cheap delivery of services and allow the Government to acquire said Farmland as an “asset” and a “Natural Resource”!

    Don’t anyone even think this about Green Energy..it’s about control over lands and people!!!!!

  2. Same here in the USA — we are giving up (leasing) huge amounts of good cropland for what… something that is inefficient, something that causes health problems.

    What other private industry can: have a free ride promote something that hasn’t been proven that it really does what it says and don’t have to prove that it doesn’t harm people.

  3. ALL:

    It always WAS about control of our lands! And you will never guess by who!

    This predates the GEA by decades!

    Go all the way back to 1974 when a brash Pierre Elliot Trudeau sold Canada “lock, stock and barrel” to the G7 with nary a whimper. (the cliché is intentional)

    As a direct result of Canada usurping it’s sovereignty to “the greater global good” we have the disastrous NAFTA agreement and our people and economy loose 200 million dollars a day every day to service interest on government debt to pad the bloated profits of commercial banks. Unlike the US where the Federal Reserve Bank is a private institution, both the provinces and the feds can borrow money from the “peoples” Bank of Canada interest free! This is actually in our constitution! Any interest the BOC may charge is a dividend to the government! This was in fact the case until, you guessed it, the early 1970’s!

    Total accumulated government debt from 1867 to 1968 (which included the funding of a national railway and BOTH world wars) 78 billion. Since that time – 800 billion, of which over 90% is accrued
    compounded interest into which we have already paid 750 billion!

    The IMF has far more influence of the content of the federal budget then do Canadians.

    If anyone thinks I’m spewing fantasy, go here: http://www.ohcanadamovie.com/ or simply
    “google” it. Truth is far stranger then fiction! I couldn’t make this up!

    The GEA is just a snowflake on the glacier of global government corruption with China as the banker and ultimate champion, smiling sweetly as she acquires more and more of the world resources at fire sale prices. Potash Corporation will likely be Canada’s latest victim having been cut loose by the Harper government just today! Should this deal come to fruition, China will control global fertilizer and ultimately, global food production.

    Why? Simple! China looks down the road strategically a hundred years or even longer. In Canada and the rest of the “democratic” world, the worthless pieces of excrement who call themselves politicians look no further then the next election. These individuals collectively are so grossly mendacious, corrupt, power hungry and incompetent, they cannot see the harm they are doing to humanity to fulfill their own insatiable selfishness.

    Either democracies are re-established in the true sense of the word or I foresee a time before I leave this world where elections will be a thing of the past.

    This is a battle we MUST fight! Losing is not an option!


    Sean Holt.

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