Attractive’ windmills letter writer doesn’t see problems

Orangeville Citizen 

This letter is in response to Lynn Edwards’ view on “attractive” windmills. I don’t think Ms. Edwards lives amongst wind turbines and so may not appreciate the frustration of having red blinking lights all night as the new sky view for country dwellers.

She also might think differently if she was aware of the serious health issues that have forced people in wind installations across this province, and around the world, from their homes.

She might not know about the cyclical and loud noises that cause some residents to get in their car in the middle of the night and drive away to a parking lot so they can sleep or about the low frequency noise coming off of these industrial machines that will penetrate the walls of homes, as well as the ‘walls’ of our bodies causing vibration resulting in health problems.

It is no surprise that these symptoms alleviate when people are removed from the environment and return when they are returned to the home. This is an obvious and direct cause that needs to be studied yet our government continues to drag its heels, certainly at the influence of the moneyed lobbyists.

People of all ages are affected. Trust me that small children do not care about land sightlines, politics or money when they are crying with earaches, stomach-aches and headaches. They get better when they are removed from their home. People are living in safe houses. They are paying rent and utilities to live elsewhere, while their own homes remain empty waiting for mitigation of the problems by our stunningly slow government. Some of these families have lived happily in their homes for decades, and now they can no longer stay there. These are real families. I know these families.

This is way beyond anecdotal and I would appreciate it if our local media would stop printing letters such as the above that revictimize the families in this area that are suffering. Whether windmills are attractive or not, is really not worthy of discussion anymore. They are dangerous industrial scale machines that were never meant to be dropped into populated areas. They are hurting people and this government needs to come to a halt with this terribly flawed policy.

Barbara Ashbee, Orangeville

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  1. I live at least 2KM from the nearest turbine and during the high winds I couldn’t hear them outside but I could in my house. It was faint but a definite whomp,whomp in my front room and bedroom. I can only imagine how bad it must have been closer to them.

  2. If the government ever acknowledged that wind turbines can cause health problems then that would be the end of installing them anywhere near homes. Would also mean compensation wpuld have to be paid to those affected.

    So don’t expect that to happen as no politician ever wants to accept blame for problems he/she has caused.

  3. It seems the media does little homework, as they put out general questions such as this on AM800 in Windsor.

    Do you consider the dozens of wind turbines that have gone up in Essex County to be an eyesore?
    No, I barely notice them anymore. 71.83% (594 votes)
    Yes, they’re huge and hideous. 28.17% (233 votes)

  4. Wind turbines are without one redeeming feature.

    They’re expensive and run on subsidies.
    They are not green.
    They do absolutely nothing to reduce air pollution
    They cause health problems and are especially injurious to children’s learning.
    They are inefficient and will always require back-up.
    They produce low density power where high density power is required.

    They are without doubt the biggest environmental disaster imagineable promoted by propaganda.

    When will the McGuinty Liberals wake up?

  5. An eyesore, a health hazard, bird blenders…

    What about the fact that they don’t work most of the time?

    Much hullabaloo last week when Ontario’s turbines were producing at or near capacity, Gee, one week out of the entire year! What about right now (9:18 AM Nov 1, 2010)? These mendacious pieces of scrap are cranking out a grand total of 85 MW or 8%of capacity!!!

    I live for the day when these abject pieces of worthless garbage are destroyed!

    Sean Holt.

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