Gagged property owners urged to give evidence

We know many have signed gag orders in Ontario. Our day in court will come.

Property owners gagged by wind turbine companies will be able to give evidence to a Federal Senate inquiry.   Family First Senator Steve Fielding was in Glenbrae yesterday to encourage locals to make submissions to the inquiry into the social and economic impact of wind farms in rural areas.

Standing against a backdrop of rotating Waubra wind turbines, Senator Fielding said it would be a “real concern” if anyone was gagged from coming forward on the issue.

“Clearly people in this region, in Waubra and beyond, haven’t been heard and this is your chance to have your say,” Senator Fielding told a group of about 20 residents.

“I don’t know of any other country at the federal level having an inquiry like this.

“If a confidential agreement has been made you have to honor that as well, but it would be a shame not to hear views in a way that doesn’t reveal details.”

Under Senate inquiry rules, a person is prohibited from inducing another person to refrain from giving evidence.

Senate inquiries also carry Parliamentary privilege and evidence may be given confidentially.
It is understood further advice is being sought in relation to confidentiality agreements signed with wind farm companies, and Senator Fielding said he will make further investigations into the matter.

The meeting was held at the former home of Carl and Sam Stepnell.   Mr and Mrs Stepnell and their three children relocated to Ballarat last week due to claimed adverse health effects from living in close proximity to turbines.

“We couldn’t handle it any more,” Mr Stepnell said after the meeting. “All the symptoms…”   Mr Stepnell said the house had five turbines located within a kilometre.

Meanwhile, the Clean Energy Council was in Ballarat this week with a report confirming that noise from wind farms does not have any adverse health effects.

10 thoughts on “Gagged property owners urged to give evidence

  1. Lie, upon deceit, upon scam, upon fraud.

    Your health matters not, your home matters not, the environment matters not, The mendacious and greedy must be allowed to get rich and for this we all must pay.

    NO MORE!

    Breaking Wind.

  2. Here is one senator willing to have an inquiry. Perhaps other senators will join him.

  3. Is this not an Australian piece?

    Does anyone know a Canadian Senator who has not slept through all this?

    If so lets get right on that as a little sober second thought WOULD be salubrious.

  4. Australia is a bit more empathetic to the Victims of Wind Horror than Canada………………Our Senate is a bit too old to know how to use a computer!

    Of course each one of them have at least a dozen “stooges” working for them that could let them know how out of touch they are but Geez, why wake the Living Dead!

  5. Most Canadians are hibernated all year in front of there daily reality shows. Out of touch with true reality on what is going on. That’s how the parties like it so they can do as they like. Maybe it will be to expensive to turn on the Teli

  6. I can see it now:

    Cable TV soon to be exempt from HST…
    Huge subsidies given to content providers and cable companies to keep rates low…
    “No Household Left Behind”
    Every family in Canada has the right to affordable television…ha ha ha

    Whatever you do, don’t turn off that TV 😉

  7. Mostly what the general public cares about in this Ontario wind turbine discussion are:
    1.How much are their Hydro bills going to be.
    2.How many jobs will wind turbines create and
    what will these jobs pay.

    The vast majority of the public are too lazy to do their own homework so they rely on the MSM for information regarding the above issues. Besides they live in urban areas where they know they won’t be affected by any other issues surrounding wind turbine installations.

    Guess it’s going to be the rural people who will have to bear the brunt of the wind turbine issues at least for now.

    Any land owner dumb enough to sign a lease that has gag orders in it does not deserve any sympathy from their neighbors. This alone should have alerted them that something was wrong in the deal they signed.

  8. There should be no sympathy for anyone who sells out their neighbours by leasing to shifty IWT companies though there should be help extended to those that want to take back control of their property. Most were lied to and will eventually not get what they thought they were promised. Gag orders will keep that information hidden and most will be happy getting anything as fear of not getting anything plus laying down lawyer’s fees to challenge a disagreement put the landowner in a vulnerable position. Who will enforce a company written contract? Who do you think would win a dispute of the contract, regardless of what it says?

  9. By now many land owners who signed leases with wind turbine companies know they were duped.

    Being duped will not get them out of these lease contracts as they can’t afford the needed fancy lawyers for a court fight.

    Besides if they should lose in court they will have lost their property to cover the court costs.

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