Time for truth about industrial wind development

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Asked if wind farms are safe, Environment Minister John Wilkinson said, “Yes, and I say that if a wind farm is built in the province of Ontario under the new, strict minimum distance setback and maximum noise allowance setback, then according to the chief medical officer of health for Ontario, Dr. Arlene King, they are indeed safe.”

If Mr. Wilkinson and Dr. King feel Ontario’s set-backs are strict, and standards are adequate to protect health, perhaps they should have attended the International Symposium on Wind Turbines and Adverse Health Effects Oct. 29-31, where numerous independent scientists from several countries demonstrated just the opposite. Is it a coincidence that Ontario government and health officials did not attend this symposium to expand their knowledge beyond the literature reviews they tout as “proof” their policies could not be impacting health?

Is it true they were told not to attend, as the topics would not be “congruent with the government’s policy”? It is politically expedient for the scientific evidence to be ignored by the current provincial government in its rush to fill rural Ontario with wind turbines. We should all ask why they are hiding from the truth — the effects are being experienced in numerous communities already.

The evidence presented at the symposium by experts in ear physiology, sleep disorders, noise, infrasound and epidemiology demonstrated the mechanisms by which adverse health effects can occur in proximity to wind turbines. Infrasound is a significant component in the etiology of health effects being experienced, yet is completely ignored in Ontario’s regulations. Results from a case-control study in the U.S. will soon be pub-lished, showing a significant relationship between proximity to turbines and impacts on health, using standardized, validated health measurements.According to Carl Phillips, PhD (public policy, Harvard; professor of public health): “there is overwhe-liming evidence that there are health problems from turbines near residences.” According to Alec Salt, PhD, professor of otolaryngology, allowing turbines to be located 550 metres from people’s homes is “insane.”

The symposium presenters, attending on their own dime, assembled to share their findings and scientific expertise in an effort to better understand the phenomena being observed in wind turbine developments worldwide. They all shared genuine concern and a desire to prevent harm. Dr. King, Mr.Wilkinson and our provincial government would do well to follow suit. Our rural families deserve nothing less.

Joan Morris, MHSc (Community Health & Epidemiology) Woodstock

21 thoughts on “Time for truth about industrial wind development

  1. Please bring on the Ont.Provincial Election sooner so we can oust the current dictatorship.
    What a shame the rural people of Ontario cannot have a say on what we would like in our communities.
    Your gone Dalton!!!Enjoy the power trip while you still can.

  2. Thank-you, Joan Morris, for doing your job: advocating on behalf of the people in the interest of public health.

    May others follow your courageous lead.

  3. Environment Minister John Wilkinson wants to introduce a regional Cap and Trade system in Ontario…..
    He is of the Global Warming Religion…just wants to confiscate your money so that he can spend it on policies that will do nothing for the environment except to stroke his own ego…
    The science on green house gases cannot be validated…so it is a religion…

  4. Environment Minister John Wilkinson not only wants your hydro rates to double because of the FAKE Green Energy Act….He wants everyone to pay more through a Cap n Trade system..


    Hang onto your wallets….We need to sweep the Ontario Liberals out of office next year…and we need to find a sane Government to re-elect….Gridlock might be best at this point…

  5. Randy, I agree even if he really believes there is global warming what is being done with these industrial turbines does absolutely nothing to solve anything. Well, it makes some companies rich with the hand outs.
    I wish there were more advocates and that the “mass media” would see the light.

    Cap and Trade oh… I hope not!

  6. Here’s more truth on Carbon Taxes….John Wlkinson the Minister of the Environment proposes…He has no credibility on the Environment and should be dismissed now….or fired next year…We know that he doesn’t have the interest of the citizens of Ontario in his plans…He only wants to tax us more to pay for Liberal BOONDOGGLES like the Green Energy Act…

    “Wind and solar subsidiesuckers want heavy carbon taxes to hide their chronic inability to provide economic and reliable power”


  7. Mr. Wilkinson hasn’t shown much interest in the environment so far. His representative available for consultation in Harriston and two other towns every two weeks is not allowed to speak about wind energy nor turbines. Being a captive audience, so as to speak, he listened to plenty from me the three times I attended.
    As an attendee at the symposium the level of science in that room was awesome. Unfortunately very depressing as well.
    I think the set-backs are more a feature of the distance between concessions rather than health, noise concerns. A 500 m set-back is the only way turbines can be placed in the numbers they are to make the maximum profit.

    Thank you Joan Morris for your article.

  8. The problem is that the wind instalations being built now are still using the old setbacks. Gosfield has turbines at 350M from homes. They have all been grandfathered before the GEA.Wilkinson’s comments are more smoke and mirrors.

  9. People presently being exposed to infrasound waves should wear protective gear and have at least one room in their homes protected by sound proofing.

    Vibrations are another issue that has to be dealt with and protective gear won’t help much with this issue.

  10. Now that Madam Speaker Eco-Nut from California will soon be stepping down from her position in the U.S. House, the U.S. will indeed have about 2 years to fight Cap & Trade on the federal level.

    However, on the Provincial and State levels the greenies will be out in full force to enact Cap & Trade laws by 2012.

    So Cap & Trade can be accomplished either way.

  11. Barabara:

    Long waves tend to penetrate much more easily. I am pretty sure that the protection you propose would have no effect.

    It is much easier to stop high frequency noise than low frequency noise. This is true at Radio Frequency (RF) as well. Low Frequency Radio waves can even penetrate water for example.

    You will find that any noise damping requires hard dense material (concrete) to be effective. However, even that is little help against LF sound waves — think of earthquakes and long waves for an example.

    Hope that helps.

  12. There is nothing that you can do that will stop the infrasound. Why should ANYONE have to wear protective gear in their own home?
    550 metres is not based on anything except being able to place the turbines. Any further distance would eliminate them due to the density of the population. Why not 549 metres? Why not 700 metres? Go ahead and ask your mpp to find out why 550? Ask them for evidence that 550 metres is safe and 549 metres is not. Ask the ministry of the environment to show you how they researched it. Ask them if they talked to any of the families. See what kind of answer they give you.
    Thank you Joan Morris who has worked tirelessly on this issue and thank you to all of the other advocates too numerous to even start to mention, who have been advocating for the protection of our families health since day one and trying to make our local mpp’s accountable for the harm being done to their constituents. ‘Willful blindness’ I think it is called.
    The provincial and federal governments are fully aware of the overwhelming evidence and the issues. The feds defer to the provincial level and the provincial level is so tied up in self serving policy, lobbyists and contracts that they cannot admit they made a massive error. They may have been duped by the instigators but now they must save face. They control everything. They are even rewriting the legislation again to try to hasten the already rapid approvals and to disempower us even further.
    Shame on the entire political system where representatives and bureaucrats are more concerned about the vote and their pensions than our family’s health and welfare. A truly unbalanced and double standard exists in our Ontario. In any other business they would all be fired for mismanagement and neglect of duty.

  13. Agreed David,

    All these facts need to be brought out so that decisions can be made based on true information.

    So it seems this leaves people affected by infra -sound waves helpless at present.

    Probably most elected officials and the general public don’t even know this.

    So then there are no light weight dense materials available at present that can be used.

  14. ontariwoe,

    This is the point. People should not have to protect themselves in their own homes.

    But in the meantime there is no protective gear they can get/wear to prevent further damage to their health.

  15. No Barbara, there is no protective gear that will help. Trust me that people have tried everything. You cannot block infrasound. It penetrates everything. As David mentioned maybe a super dense concrete wall. I guess prisoners would be safe.

    Don’t ever kid yourself by thinking that most elected officials are unaware.

  16. Ontariwoe:

    You misunderstand.

    A concrete wall will block high to mid frequency sound. It cannot block low-frequency sound — especially VLF sound waves.

    Otherwise earthquakes could not propagate transverse ground waves… they would be blocked by hills — but since they can propagate — guess what…

    That is just hand waving and is not proof — but it should help for a simple idea of what is happening.

  17. David, I stand corrected and wish there was an answer to this entire mess.

  18. Thanks David and ontariwoe,

    You both have helped to shine the light of truth on wind turbine infrasound issues.

    Now the general public needs to become informed as well.

  19. …shine the light of truth…” and the truth shall set us free.

    We are witnessing the effects upon innocents of an evil empire.

    All denial aside, this really is the perpetration of evil upon people, birds, bats, butterflies – a crime, a very large crime against Mother Earth.

    Nothing short of a revolution is going to stop them.

  20. According to the chief medical officer of health for Ontario there are no problems, Dr. Arlene King is truly not a doctor but only Arline King.If she was a doctor she would have done a check up on all the patience or should I say the victims of health related problems to Wind Turbines. This shows you how money and politics are the problem and they are not functioning to help common citizens, but there own self agendas.

  21. I think Dr. Arline King and people like her have no idea how to speak truth to power. I assume she is unwilling to jeopardize the job made available to her by McGuinty.
    The residents of rural Ontario, human and everything else, are considered collataral damage and are unimportant.
    After all the large number of voters in the GTA must be appeased. That’s how they were elected.

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