Be wary of unused turbines

By Lorne Seeger, Windsor Star

So the Liberals won’t abandon green energy even though the Europeans who have tried wind turbines are abandoning it. It is not a viable alternative, as it can only exist with heavy subsidies as we the people of Ontario are now paying.

The subsidies were stopped in Europe and the green energy companies are leaving there and coming here for our tax dollars that are paying the subsides to construct all these towers and provide a paycheque for the companies and their employees who are now out of work in Europe.

One doesn’t have to look far for the truth. It is on the Internet. Just look up “abandoned wind turbines” and start reading and look at the pictures.

Even in the U.S., their landscape is being riddled with rotting turbines. Is this what we want to leave our next generation?

The bill of having to clean this mess up as well as all the other costs?

You know, I wish we lived in a perfect world, one where our elected politicians would actually work for us and not just for their own pocketbooks.

8 thoughts on “Be wary of unused turbines

  1. Yes, Amen! The wind companies follow the money and we in the US will have more of these abandoned turbines that our children and their children will have to clean up —

  2. Strange as it may seem, the US ALREADY HAS well over ten thousand derelict wind turbines to clean up!

    Some never learn no matter how painful the lesson!


  3. Environmentally destructive both active and inactive. Wind Turbines seem like a giant disposable Bic pen, except way more useless.

  4. Environmentally destructive both active and inactive. Industrial Wind Turbines seem like giant disposable Bic pens, except way more useless.

  5. When the wind turbines leak toxic materials on to the soil then the soil becomes contaminated.

    Thes toxic materials can find their way into the ground water and poison it. Nearby wells become contaminated and the water is not fit for human or livestock consumption.

    The areas around wind turbines can become brownfields or dead soil areas. Very,very expensive to clean up.

    Has everyone forgotten Walkerton where the ground water was contaminated by e-coli? Just subsitute toxins for e-coli and you will get the picture of what can happen.

  6. Associated Press Oct.23,10

    KTVB.COM Burley,Idaho

    Cassia Co.officials are considering an ordinance that would require wind turbines to be decommissioned by their owners and not the county should the turbines stop turning a profit.

    If the towers were abandoned due to bankruptcy, removing them would be the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PROPERTY OWNERS. Most land owners probably couldn’t afford this.

    Are there any Ontario counties or towns that have laws requiring wind turbine operators to decommission their turbines and not leave the ratepayers stuck with this expense?

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