This amendment is an infringement on every rural landowner in Ontario

The McGuinty Liberal Government is currently trying to push through additional changes to our Provincial legislation, quietly, that will affect every property in rural Ontario.  See Proposed Amendments to O.Reg. 359/09 (Renewable Energy Approvals)

The government is effectively freezing our properties, by dramatically changing building rights on private rural properties.  This amendment is part of the Green Energy Act.  This change will eliminate building a home in what may be a unique or aesthetically pleasing location farther from a road, perhaps by a pond or on a hill affording a spectacular view.  
Once this amendment is approved, all planning for placement of new industrial turbines will be based on the assumption that future buildings will be placed close to the road nearest the property boundary.  If a wind farm is currently (or eventually) planned in the area, the owner of the private property will have this building legislation enforced on their property.
The debate is not about whether you are for or against Industrial Wind Farms, but rather represents an infringement on every rural landowner who might consider building a property in the future.  At present there are approximately 4,000 industrial wind turbines approved or waiting approval in Ontario.  These planning applications are approved in principal prior to public consultation, so please do not make the assumption that applications are not already in process in your area (or that they will not be in the future).
We need everyone in rural Ontario to protest these latest changes to the Green Energy Act which will take away our rights and freeze future building on our own property.  Vacant lots will be devalued, and the building of future recreational or retirement properties in an location of the owner’s choice will be impossible.
The government has no right to step onto our property and tell us the future site location for our houses.  The setback for an Industrial Wind Turbine is currently 550m from the centre of vacant land and needs to remain so.  It should not be changed simply to enable the McGuinty Government to push through applications that would otherwise be refused.
Please take a couple of minutes to go to the following link and make your comments known.  Time is of the essence this MUST BE DONE PRIOR TO SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2010 for your comments to be heard.

7 thoughts on “This amendment is an infringement on every rural landowner in Ontario

  1. Dear Dalton, John, Arlene, and all the other Liberals out there.

    The day there are IWTs outside my window….. is they day you better be prepared to start paying my mortgage and taxes. I am NOT going to pay for something that is no longer worth anything.

    I’ll see you all in court!

  2. Dalton and his band of 71 thieves haven’t listened to us in the past and are unlikely to do so now.
    I made my views known in no uncertain terms anyway. I wish I could have done it to their faces on live TV, no such luck!

    The next election this way comes.

    Not soon enough!


  3. Write all the rules you want McGuinty but these gutless politicians have no power when it comes to face to face actions!

    Here’s my answer to all this!

    They had better bring tanks if they want to wander onto MY PROPERTY!

    Time to protect our FAMILY folks!

  4. Well said Ben. The provincial government has taken municipal planning away from it’s citizens.

  5. “The setback for an Industrial Wind Turbine is currently 550m from the centre of vacant land and needs to remain so.”
    Huh???? No!No!No!
    That is what the GEA restricted it to last year without adequate consultation. This year they want to restrict it further from the centre of the lot to the front near the road.

    Non participating landowners should be demanding the vacant lot rules before the GEA be reinstated.
    This would allow building anywhere on the vacant lot.

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