McGuinty clueless about ordinary Ontarians

Come on McGuinty, families are not just “now” telling you this.  And they are not telling you they give a damn about your windmills either. What they are telling you is “get the hell away from my family” and what’s left of our shrinking bank accounts.

by Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun

“We have to make sure families can cope” — Premier Dalton McGuinty.

It’s interesting how the word coping was not mentioned in campaign literature when the Liberals were running in the last election.  But it is on the record for the next one.

Meanwhile, Premier Dalton McGuinty’s phantom talk of a temporary 10% reduction in hydro costs Wednesday reminds one of having to thank a guy because he stops hammering you in the head.

So you’ll help us cope?

How generous, Mr. Premier. Must have found some of that missing e-health billion?

The truth is he doesn’t have a clue about how $19-billion-in- debt Ontario taxpayers are coping.

But he will find out next year.

“One of the things families are now telling us they are concerned about are electricity rates,” he told reporters Wednesday. “They are going up. Families tell us they like the idea of clean energy.”

Come on McGuinty, families are not just “now” telling you this. And they are not telling you they give a damn about your windmills either. What they are telling you is “get the hell away from my family” and what’s left of our shrinking bank accounts.

McGuinty makes it sound like we are ready for another $6-billion deal with a foreign entity to build some more solar panels just like we were all so excited with the rapacious second land transfer tax, health levy, eye exam, plastic bag, auto registration fees, the HST or how it’s cheaper to put on the dishwasher in off hours.

McGuinty smirks like he’s joking around on an episode of the Rick Mercer Show. But there is no laugh track in Ontario these days.

Meanwhile, do you think he does his laundry at 3 a.m. as he suggested Ontarians do to save money? Does he have any idea of what a disgrace it is asking people to do that in a province where people cradle every second they are not working, or in traffic, so they can cherish that little time with their families?

It’s amazing because all of this comes from the mouth of a guy who flies routinely to China on a carbon-emitting jet to negotiate away more of our jobs. If he knew anything about Ontario, he’d know what a vacant factory looks like. He should meet the people earning minimum wage, working at two jobs and using their credit cards to survive in a province he has made too expensive to cope in.

But the premier’s phony peek into the perils of living in the real world are not going wash this time because people get that the leader of this over-taxed and over-regulated nanny-state cares more about paying for the education of foreign students than he does about helping them cope.

“It’s about listening,” he told reporters. “It’s about understanding the pressures that families are experiencing; it’s about providing them with a little bit of help.”

If he’s really listening, he’ll know it’s about a loser government on the brink of being kicked out of office.

“We are doing a couple of things here that I think are absolutely essential,” he spouted with a straight face. “It’s also essential we come to the table and find more ways to support families.”

Since the hydro rates skyrocketed during his tenure, at what point did McGuinty first think Ontarians were stupid?

Ontarians could confirm this if they re-elect him next October and his backtracking shows the election is obviously on his mind. First you had the reversal of the scandalous eco tax, then the mixed martial arts ban that will know allow lucrative Ultimate Fighting Championship matches and now, maybe, he’ll take some tension off his foot on our throats with the hydro bill.

Make no mistake; he paid close attention to the election of Rob Ford and understands what it means. He also noticed what happened with Gordon Campbell and the HST in B.C.

Ontario will get its chance Oct. 6, 2011 to express how it’s coping with Premier Dalton McGuinty.

10 thoughts on “McGuinty clueless about ordinary Ontarians

  1. AMEN – AGAIN!


    Speaking about the GEA and China…

    If anyone is wondering why some farmers are keen to get income from green energy by leasing their land to wind and solar operators, read this:

    Also, chapter 11 of NAFTA allows corporations to sue any signatory that takes any action (protectionism) that may impede corporate profits. This is likely the main reason Ontario now has a trade action filed against it resulting from Ontario content rules in the GEA.

    NAFTA and the free trade agreement before it, has resulted in the international corporate takeover of most of North and Central America. Increasing and unchecked corporate power is having the same result in most of the industrialized world and is largely sanctioned by the G20 (Stimulus). However, the most powerful economy currently on the planet -China, is immune from this. There is only one corporation in China; that of the Chinese Government.

    Where the fools that govern us see thru economic eyes with “next election” short sightedness, the Chinese government’s economic eyes have strategic glasses thru which they look out to hundreds of years. There are no elections in China. As result, not only have they become the world’s manufacturer, they have also become the world’s banker. The democratic industrialized world is obliging them nicely by giving China “carte blanche” to acquire control of whatever corporations and/resources she can all
    in the false name of freeing up global trade to stimulate economic growth.

    This certainly seems to be working perfectly in China. Not so much for the rest of the world.

    For all you globalists out there; know this: China is the ONLY beneficiary of globalization. If you think I’m being melodramatic, simply go to any retail store in Canada, grab the first non- food product you find and check where it is made.

    Any guesses?

    Wake up people! The GEA though hideous beyond imagining, is the LEAST of our worries!


  2. McGuinty being clueless is an
    My electricity bill has gone up in excess
    of 20% over the last 6 months, pardon
    me if I am not totally overwhelmed by
    Dalton’s generosity.

  3. The action against Ontario re Solar Cells was filed at the WTO on behalf of Sharp (Japan). The USA is an interested party in this action. NAFTA is of course a different issue altogether.

    NAFTA is an agreement between federal governments, and the provinces may sign on — and they routinely ignore provisions they don’t like — NC is a case in point.

    In the United States, NAFTA is used to deflect problems — like the Canadian Companies that were being excluded from “stimulus money” contracts. We eventually realized an agreement with the Federal Government in the USA — but surprise — the State Governments were not bound by the provisions of the settlement — while all the provincial governments were bound by the settlement. The net result was that Canadian companies had very restricted access to US stimulus money since most projects were run by the states, while the Canadian market was opened up almost totally to the the large US companies.

    Be careful what you wish for. You might meet a Yankee Trader and get what you asked for — only to find it was not at all what you wanted.

  4. NAFTA is an agreement between federal governments, and the provinces may sign on — and they routinely ignore provisions they don’t like — NC is a case in point.

    Should read… – BC is a case in point.

    BC does not follow the NAFTA agreement in certain areas.

  5. I was about to write, “the sad thing…” and then realized the error in this common phrase; this is just another sad thing in a list which includes the assault on our rural land ethic and the hypocrisy of concern for the unborn which apparently does not extend to pregnant women living near IWT…

    so the other sad thing is that this expensive lunatic social experiment of McGuinty’s is now going to shift the costs back to people who have taken responsible action to reduce energy use in their own lives and/or invested in small/micro scale renewable energy to achieve independence from the grid and are living within their own energy budget, who spend time and their own energy walking and biking or using mass transit to reduce non-renewable energy use.

    The ultimate insult will be when they start wanting us to consume electricity madly when the wind is blowing so the grid doesn’t have to dump as much sudden surplus…

  6. Does this mean there will be a “new” debt retirement charge waiting for us next year to pay for this billion dollar bribe?

  7. Dalton feels your Pain….Haha….He should be giving away free samples of Preparation H…You know the rest of the story…

  8. RE:VOLT

    No one knows how much power will be produced by IWTs so there would be no ability to understand when to consume more electricity. It seems reasonable after it is known how much power was produced though it will still not be consistent. The wind blowing up and down means more fuels generated power is used to support the grid, but if more energy is drawn out and wind power goes down the grid could collapse. It is safer having a controlled dumping of power matched with fuel generating power to balance than to encourage more users on the grid. Wind has no place on a grid as no one can predict what it will provide in the next five minutes.

  9. “McGuinty clueless about ordinary Ontarians”

    McGuinty is clueless generally speaking!

    It is fortunate for him (unfortunate for us) that breathing is an automatic bodily function. If
    Dummy McGoofy had to think about it, he would most certainly suffocate!


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