MP slams Green Energy Act

By Denis Langlois, Owen Sound Sun Times

Federal MP Larry Miller is again wading into provincial politics by slamming Ontario’s Green Energy Act and supporting a call for a moratorium on wind farms pending a “proper” study into the health effects of giant turbines.

“I’ve just been inundated. Everywhere I go, people want to know my stand on the windmill issue,” the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Conservative MP said Friday in an interview.

Miller, who chairs Parliament’s rural caucus, said he decided to step into the contentious debate to support his provincial counterpart Bill Murdoch, who has called for a halt to wind turbine developments until an independent review is conducted into health-impact claims. The motion by the local Progressive Conservative MPP was defeated in 2009. 

People living near giant turbines have reported a series of health effects, including sleep deprivation, headaches, ringing in the ears, anxiety, muscle and joint aches and earaches. Wind turbine critics say an independent health study is needed.

Turbine supporters, meanwhile, say a study on turbines and health has been done.

Ontario’s medical officer of health, Dr. Arlene King, wrote a report in May that concludes, based on all available scientific research, there is no direct casual link between the noise generated by turbines and ill health. Grey Bruce medical officer of health, Dr. Hazel Lynn, has said further study is called for.

Andrew Morrison, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, said there is nothing stopping non-government groups from financing separate study.

“I’m not sure the science has changed much since May,” he said.

The Ministry of the Environment, Morrison said, recently hired a research chair to study the health effects of “renewable energy projects” over the next five years.

Aside from concerns over health impacts, Miller said his main beef with the Green Energy Act is that it strips local municipalities of the power to reject wind-farm proposals in their own communities.

“We all know that at least 75% of the power produced by wind farms in rural Ontario will be used in the GTA and other large cities to the south of us,” Miller wrote in a letter to The Sun Times.

“If (Premier Dalton) McGuinty is so hell-bent on providing Toronto with wind-generated power, I urge him to build a couple hundred wind turbines on the waterfront in plain view of those million-dollar condos that look out onto Lake Ontario. He could save hundreds of millions of dollars in transmission line costs, but more importantly, he would definitely hear the squeals of indignation from our urban cousins over the placements of turbines in ‘their’ backyard. Maybe then he would listen to the people of rural Ontario.”

Opponents of wind farms have been organizing and protesting in Grey-Bruce. A group recently demonstrated at a meeting in Meaford as International Power Canada representatives held an open house on a plan to erect 26 turbines near Silcote Corners.

Rick Smith, executive director of Environmental Defence, said he does not “buy for one second” the argument that the Green Energy Act is unfair because it strips municipalities of power.

He said the act replaced a “patchwork” of regulations with “objective, transparent” across-the-board rules.

“Now is the time to move forward” so the province can end its reliance on coal, he said.

Miller said he is not opposed to “the concept of green energy” or wind turbines, specifically, but “the public pushback on wind farm proposals cannot be ignored.”

He said the province also “cannot ignore” the support for a motion by Arran-Elderslie Coun. Mark Davis, which calls for a moratorium on wind farms until the health effect of turbines is studied. Sixty-seven municipalities have backed the motion.

“I’m sure there will be more,” Miller’s letter says.

This is not the first time Miller has waded into a provincial issue. In 2009, he wrote a letter to The Sun Times about improprieties at the Bluewater District School Board.

5 thoughts on “MP slams Green Energy Act

  1. Where the hell is Rick Smith on Urban Sprawl as an executive director for Environmental Defence. How about the industrialization of our farmed and natural lands not to mention our Great Lakes.
    Industrial Wind Turbines should not be allowed.
    This “issue” will not go away because it is citizens lives and livelihoods affected and future generations.

  2. We need MORE polititians to stand up and be counted regarding Turbine Farms in Ontario.
    “Health Studies before Wind Turbines” is a must.

  3. ” “Now is the time to move forward” so the province can end it’s reliance on coal, he said”. Rick Smith is just another “talking puppet” for the wind industry. It’s obvious who is pulling his strings. When will these bozos stop telling the lie that wind will replace coal? ( I noticed that he misspoke and didn’t say “dirty” coal. )
    Who gave Dr. Hazel Lynn the “scientific research” to review?

  4. They get away with this crud because fan-bois like this one feed their audience green garbage.–hamilton-power-rate-increases-shouldn-t-be-a-shock#article

    Lately I admit I have been encouraged by some of the comments on the Toronto Star site — but I notice that only green groupies responded to Tyler. He needs more attention.

    These clowns should be more careful though. Staements like this one can incite people to violence.

    “Andrew Morrison, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, said there is nothing stopping non-government groups from financing separate study.

    “I’m not sure the science has changed much since May,” he said”

    Really? The “Study” in May quoted nothing but ancient history and environmental fan-boi misinformation. The lack of knowledge, absence of compassion and stupidity are the sort of junk science, bad governance and “let them eat cake attitude” that leads to civil disobedience, dissent and violence and barricades in the streets. Morrison needs a trip to the woodshed.

    It is difficult to express the feelings that are engendered by the idiocy of the arguments that you face these days.

    Larry Miller — You go boy! Kick some legislative and green butt! Right On!

  5. If that ahem -individual shows up in my wood shed, his ass is going to get burned!


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