Green zeal too costly

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An open letter to MPPs Michael Gravelle, Bill Mauro, Premier Dalton McGuinty:

Where do I start? It is obvious that your government has lost its way when it comes to Ontario energy policies. The sudden cancellation of future wind turbines due to unknown potential health affects, the moratorium on the grossly generous FIT program, and now the approval by the Ontario Energy Board of rate hikes to compensate for interest rate over-charging by OPG/Hydro One clearly shows that your party is lost when it comes to the realities of this so-called green energy plan.

Regarding the wind turbines, how is it that the setback for off-shore turbines is five kilometres, yet on-shore setbacks are 550 meters? Why is it that we’re afraid to put these turbines too close to shorelines, but we’re OK with putting them in people’s back yards? This makes absolutely no sense.

Because of your government’s zeal to push it’s green energy plan, the City of Thunder Bay has invested a huge amount of time and money into wind farms in and around the city, and now must deal with a multi-million dollar lawsuit because it tried to create a balance between the Liberals’ insistence on this agenda and its own citizens.

We are yet to learn how much more it is going to cost once projects that have already had the green light get cancelled and even more lawsuits begin.

Whether the municipality or the provincial government pays for this mess, the bottom line is we, the taxpayers, are going to be on the hook for it.

As for the FIT program whereby solar and other green energy off-grid power systems are set up by average citizens and businesses on their own lands and at their own cost, this too has become a red herring. It was obvious right from the get-go that the guaranteed price rate for feed-in excess power was exorbitant and not cost effective. Yes, you have reduced the guaranteed rate, but at the expense of those who have already invested serious money in good faith, and I fear, at the expense of power-using customers and Ontario taxpayers as a flurry of class-action lawsuits start.

Now, the Ontario Energy Board has approved yet another rate increase on top of the upcoming 46-per-cent rate hike already predicted over the next five years, because OPG/Hydro One made yet another mistake by over-charging interest rates on delinquent accounts. Those who use the services are now expected to pay for the $18-million penalty. It is obvious the OEB has this delusional expectation that regardless of circumstances, costs will be passed on to end users and/or taxpayers. End of story.

I have a suggestion. Why doesn’t the OEB pull its pompous, out-of-touch head out of its butt and tell OPG/Hydro One to recoup those costs through efficiencies within their operations? The private sector has been forced to do that over the last couple of years because they simply could not continue to pass on their costs to their customers. The OEB, as do all government-regulated boards, has to come to the realization that the days of “cost-plus” are gone.

With these and other past mistakes, it is clear that publicly-held and -controlled entities cannot manage nor control costs effectively. With that realization, perhaps it is time to seriously look at privatizing OPG/Hydro One. Obviously, there will be those who will suggest that doing so will lead to even higher costs. But given that such entities as TBayTel have generated revenues for the city and have managed well in a fiercely competitive market, I see no reason why OPG/Hydro One couldn’t follow that same model.

People of Thunder Bay and Ontario should be mad as hell over this debacle created by your government, and rightly so. I know I am. I am a believer that we must make the move to greener, more efficient practices, but the transition must be done over many years, not by tomorrow, and not at any cost.

Len Day, Thunder Bay

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  1. One more reason to obtain the crown land patent for your property. Is the MOE shutting down sawmills for environmental reasons? I guess those aren’t considered green jobs.

    “Lambton sawmill owners face down MOE
    When Ontario Ministry of the Environment officers Allison Whiting and Chris Hutt showed up at Thompson’s Hardwood they were blocked by its owners and about 100 association members and supporters.”

  2. Dear Mr. Hudak,

    Please help us OUST McGuinty NOW. Waiting for the election is too late! He will leave you with a big mess and law suites as he rushes to push through more subsidized projects. Surely you can call an non confidence vote on the floor. Teamsters are fighting mad about the HST on fuel. The Ontario public is fed up with his botched green energy dogma.

    “McGuiny’s Folly…The last straw!” We will back you sir.

  3. Ever heard of Agenda 21, look it up, maybe you ll all see whats really going on, You might realize what the purpose of all these expenditures, lawsuits, wasted taxpayers dollars is all about.Drive through the ghost towns of rural ontario, the abandoned farms have Stop the Turbine signs on them but if you look closely you ll see the reforestation has already started. The taxpayers should be very concerned, this is just the beginning

  4. Roy!…… just brought up the TRUE root cause for McGuinty’s war on Ontario Rural Residents!..BRAVO!…………….beyond on all the debates and accusations aimed at McGuinty about “why he is dong this to Ontario”, Agenda 21 is his bible!

    “De-populate” the wild lands and move people off the Land into high density Urban Housing and then “claim” that Land so that it can be “raped and plundered” by Industry.

    Too far fetched?…………….NOT!…………it’s all written down and documented for anyone who has the stomach to go there.

    But then going down that “rabbit hole” causes insomnia, headaches and anxiety attacks, something that Canadians don’t want to experience. And therein lays the strength of McGuiinty and his Gang Green!

  5. Quixote,

    Us ‘truckers’ need to unite… close the 400 Northbound. Oust McGuinty NOW before it is too late. ( I posted to you about trucking on the site last night ) I am a former member of local 928. First Lady Teamster in Ontario.

  6. I also tried to post another link here, but they took the post down, I didnt agree with everything the man had to say,but it certianly explains a lot of the goings on in the province, I hate to say it but life in rural ontario is a thing of the past, I certianly havent lost any sleep over it, or had an aniexty attack, or headeaches since finding this out a month or so ago. All of the mentioned issues have been going on for years due to a fight with an 18 wheeler,

  7. Wait till he bankrupts the province and we re all paying 18% interest on our mortgages, loans, lines of credit, remember 1989, then the rest of Ontario will know whats like to be run down by an 18 wheeler

  8. And let me rephrase that one comment, It wasnt a fight, rather a driver too busy doing paperwork on his computer, rather than paying attention to the road and what was going on in front of him, thank god there wasnt any kids using the crossing

  9. This paper by Keith Stewart explains a great deal about what is going on in Ontario regarding energy policy.

    “There is also recognition that social movements can play a key role in informing
    and implementing ecological modernization strategies. There had been, as a result, a widespread adoption of the ‘multi-stakeholder’ model where environmentalists,
    government bureaucrats and industry representatives negotiate directly (albeit from highly unequal bases of power) over the content of policy.”

  10. The same types of eco-nuts who built the mud/sod school room with solar panels on it in North London,U.K. late last year are determined to run Ontario. So far they have gotten away with their “green” agenda but people here are waking up at last.

    People should be able to trace their deed back to find out if they are on Crown Grants. You county office should have these records or knows where they are kept. You need to trace the chain of ownership/title for your land or house lot back to the original owner.

    If your land didn’t have many owners this should be easy and you can do it yourself.

  11. “Irish prime minister Brian Cowen was so unpopular he had to step down as leader of Fianna Fail before the poll. ”

    This the kind of headline we want to see in Ontario! From a report in the Toronto Star … today.


  12. Lynne,

    Yes, this paper should be read by all because it presents the reasons why Ontarians are now facing the present problems.

    So we should be just like door mats and adopt European policies. Fine example of why our ancestors and our new immigrants left Europe and other parts of the world for FREEDOM.

  13. Barb,

    Excellent article. I liked the term “ecological Marxism”, as it pretty much sums up what we are dealing with. The fact that the Ontario Liberals are sitting meekly by while this agenda is being used to undermine our liberty and quality of life indicates that they have abandoned the principles of representative government. Once they have been removed from power, we must focus our attention on the extensive network of NGOs and green gatekeepers who are perpetuating this travesty.

  14. There is hope that the people will eventually learn how to handle money… riggghhhtttt? maybe?–province-aims-to-teach-kids-how-to-manage-money?bn=1

    The province is set to unveil a new, multi-million dollar program on Monday aimed at teaching kids how to manage money.

    Aimed at students in grades 4 through 12, the Ministry of Education’s financial literacy initiative will be integrated into the curriculum this coming September.

    I have been trying to think of an analogy… words fail me…

    I have heard that McGuinty and Duguid will teach “Green Finance” — a prominent accounting firm has plans to quadruple its bankruptcy section in lockstep with the program… (rumours…)

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