Nepean-Carleton Tory candidate opposes North Gower wind farm project

 By Mohammed Adam Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — The Tory candidate in Nepean-Carleton wants a controversial wind farm project slated to be placed in North Gower killed.  Lisa MacLeod, who was until the election was formally the MPP for the riding, told the Citizen editorial board that her stand is not only because of her constituents’ adamant opposition to the project, but stems also from a fundamental objection to the Liberal clean energy plan, which she claims is contributing to high hydro rates in the province.  Read article

9 thoughts on “Nepean-Carleton Tory candidate opposes North Gower wind farm project

    • I see they had Schmit with them, that man is so deadly boring he can put a room full of people asleep when he talks. He’s retired from ERCA our conservation authority, not well liked in the farming community because of their policies on land management. I can’t believe they couldn’t find a better candidate, although the woman that also ran is a tad weird. Our riding will be a toss up between PC and NDP. We all know if the liberals get back in there will be turbines in the lake.

      • Yes, I’ve never met such a “plastic” man in my life.

        Driving up Simcoe Rd yesterday – nothing but BRISTER signs. I haven’t seen one SCHMIT sign anywhere. Rural Amherstburg is definitely going Conservative.

        Windsor Star is sure pushing the Liberals. No comments allowed on these types of articles. Pembina Institute given guest column today.

      • Windsor has been sold the idea that manufacturing for renewable energy projects will replace the already lost auto jobs with high wage jobs. Maybe the BlueGreen alliance has something to do with this?

      • The solar panels to be used by Nextera in their Windsor area projects are to be made in Ohio NOT in Windsor or even Ontario. How come the Windsor MSM is not all over this news story? MSM probably dosen’t even know or understand that Asian solar panel producers can sell for less taking Canadian producers out of the picture without massive government subsidies to support the solar panel industry here.

  1. Loving all the blue signs. Was on vacation by North Bay and friends there feel the votes will steer towards blue as well. Can only hope !!!!

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