The fight over wind in Ontario

5 thoughts on “The fight over wind in Ontario

  1. Do you know what would be really great?
    If someone took interest in talking and filming people outside of Toronto but I can’t see that happening anytime soon because for some reason Toronto residents seem to think we have lost our ability to think or speak for ourselves.
    Shhh don’t say that, stop your whining, look at the big picture, save our planet, save the world. How the H can we save the world when we can’t even function in our own homes anymore?
    You call down health problems and yet repeated pleas for someone in Toronto media or otherwise to talk about it goes unanswered. How can anyone ever have the true story?
    Where is W5, CBC, Mark Kelley, CTV, GLOBAL, 5th Estate,….? Everyone who starts the story gets pulled back and it gets shelved, just like the concern by the ministry staff with first hand experiences warning the Toronto Ofiices that there are serious problems and harm to families. Shut down and suppressed.
    Go ahead and ignore it. Throw up thousand of turbines and you’ll have thousands throwing up.
    What a bunch of hero’s.

  2. Has anyone interviewed the Mayor of Amaranth, Don MacIver or Allan Taylor Mayor of East Garafraxa for an update on how their constituents and even the townships in whole have been treated by Dalton, Duiguid, Wilkinson and their bureaucrats?
    Oh damn, they too are between a rock and hard place for fear of losing any provincial funding should they speak out.
    You see, it doesn’t matter what level you go to everyone has either been gagged or have to be quiet due to the threat of serious repercussions that will come to them.
    MPP Carol Mitchell already issued a veiled threat in her riding to someone who was questioning the virtue of wind turbine projects. I guess some one who doesn’t want wind turbines also doesn’t want other funding…..

    Evidently all we get to hear is from talking heads in Toronto telling us what is best for us and calling down anyone who tries to out the truth.
    Happy election! Wind turbines are just the beginning…..water….limestone…..foreign ownership of rural Ontario…….all gleefully brought to you by Dalton McGuinty.

  3. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, “The trouble with Feed In Tarrif’s is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

  4. WUWT has a compendium of articles on Green Jobs, Green Energy and Carbon Pricing…

    The green-jobs revolution may be going up in smoke. Despite billions of dollars in federal investment and cheerleading from President Obama, even the most ardent supporters of a transformed, job-generating energy sector based largely on wind, solar and other renewable sources acknowledge that their dreams have not translated into reality.

    Mostly about the USA — but applies world wide.

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