Dalton McGuinty in the Sault. Blows off anti-wind protestors

By Carol Martin, Soo Today
Not everyone who wanted to talk to Dalton McGuinty got the chance today during a stop at Essar Steel Algoma early this afternoon. Steven and Sandra Christopher of Lake Superior Action Research Conservation (LSARC) were escorted off Essar Steel Algoma property by Essar staff and told they would have to display their protest signs across the road at the number two gate. They and the other people demonstrating with them wanted Dalton McGuinty to know that they don’t want wind towers on the heritage coast of Lake Superior.

“We saw him on the bus as it drove by,” said George Brown, another LSARC member who was protesting today.

“We’re not quite sure if he was waving or giving us the finger,” he added with a laugh.

But in all seriousness, Brown said LSARC members are worried that they are being disenfranchised because there are not as many voters on the heritage coast as there are in areas of southern Ontario where perspective wind developments were axed.

The many voices of urban centres are drowning out the few voices of the people who actually live where the wind towers would go if proposed developments along Lake Superior are allowed to move forward, he said. Read full article