McGuinty’s “Solyndra II” poster child starving for work

by John Ivison, National Post
OTTAWA — The solar energy company touted this week by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty as a flagship of the province’s clean energy economy has halted production because of slow demand.

Mr. McGuinty was flanked by Eclipsall Energy Corp.’s workforce when he visited its Scarborough solar panel plant Tuesday, but there was no mention that the production line is temporarily shut down. When my colleague Tamsin McMahon visited the plant she found the reception desk was empty, the cafeteria was closed and only a handful of employees milling around inside the sparsely furnished building.  Read article

6 thoughts on “McGuinty’s “Solyndra II” poster child starving for work

  1. This is a result of “CRAPitalism” by McGuinty…If the subsidies stop these FAKE Green Companies go away…

  2. As far as I know there were NO subsidies involved with the U.S. – Canada auto pact. No subsidies paid to Canadian auto makers. This was just a free-trade agreement between the two countries. This agreement removed the duties paid on the manufacture of new vehicles between both countries. You can’t compare this to subsidized renewable energy manufacturing!

    • Eclipsall pay is 20% over minimum wage. Mim. Ontario wage is $ x 20% = $2.05.
      Pay is ~ $12.30/hr. Much less than laid off auto workers used to get when they were employed in the auto sector. And these “green” jobs are supposed to replace the high paying maufacturing jobs that have been lost in Ontario?

  3. Donna LaFramboise has made a few comments on Solyndra…

    Solar and wind energy sound like wonderful ideas – until you take a look at the math. Then it becomes apparent they’re actually nightmares that produce a pathetically small number of permanent jobs and only a trickle of erratic, outrageously expensive power.

    Every time a government grant (or loan guarantee) is awarded in any context we should be told two figures: the amount in dollars – and the number of taxpayers whose annual taxes will be required to pay for it. Government money doesn’t come out of nowhere. It’s deducted from the paycheques of real people who’ve already sweated for it and who otherwise might have spent it on dental care for their kids.

    Good summary…

    • Isn’t it funny how “doing the math” can throw a wrench into a “really good plan”? Maybe McGuinty and his group of clowns can work for NASA after Oct. 6. 🙂

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