Ontarians are footing the bill for Liberal election ads

Kris Stevens, OSEA with George Smitherman

by Steve Ladurantaye, Globe and Mail
The Progressive Conservative party is lashing out at what it believes are taxpayer-funded ads that support the Liberals, taken out by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association.  The association, which has received millions of dollars in provincial funding, spent $200,000 on television ads touting the province’s funding for the green energy sector.  Read article

2 thoughts on “Ontarians are footing the bill for Liberal election ads

  1. Despite what TV & radio ads say, the Liberal,NDP and Green Parties have aligned themselves with Greenpeace alternative renewable energy policies. They are just using different varities of Greenpeace policies.

  2. If I could laugh I would, he used the words “democratic process” and “healthy” in his statement. I would love to have had a democratic process happen in my community, and healthy, well need I say more? What a joke!

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