Harrow Wind Facility 2010 Post-construction Monitoring Report

Download Harrow 2010 Post-Construction Report Large pdf file – 20 MG
Response to MNR Comments
The High site sensitivity for birds is based on its proximity (1 km) to the HolidayBeach/ Big Creek Important Bird Area, a globally significant migration staging area for waterfowl in some years and having a large concentration of migratory raptors. (Note: Ansar Gafur of AIM Powergen told me at the Public Consultation that they were completely unaware of any IBAs in the area).

3 thoughts on “Harrow Wind Facility 2010 Post-construction Monitoring Report

  1. There are several deficiencies in the report. The most ridiculous I found is the use of “hockey tape” bat replicates for their retrieval/scavenger trials. Despite this, there are over 18 bats/turbine/year that are being killed in this project. What will be done to address this issue??? I fear nothing!

  2. Kill rates this high should make it easy to have freezers full of dead bats, raptors and passerines on hand (no need to waste vaulable hockey tape) to demonstrate the skill levels of the employees for quality assurance purposes…. one of the newly created “green energy” jobs – “scavenger”

    Bring on the company issued gloves, buckets and boots and pick up sticks- where does one sign up for such a prestigious job? I can’t wait for the first buckets of body parts and gore to be collected in my area! Race you to the back 40 Wily Coyotoe!

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