The truthiness of Dalton McGuinty

By Christina Blizzard, Ottawa Sun
Excerpt:  Last week, Energy Minister Brad Duguid put out a bizarre “statement” blaming the-then Conservative government for the 2003 blackout.  “Today marks the eighth anniversary of the power blackout that plunged Ontario families and businesses into darkness. The blackout came during a summer when the province’s electricity supply suffered from brownouts and diesel generators could be found in parking lots because of the uncertainty,” said the release. Read article

4 thoughts on “The truthiness of Dalton McGuinty

  1. The press release was from August 14 … hadn’t noticed it … bizarre but not surprising.

    • The OECD draft document “The role of pension funds in financing green growth initiatives” lays out the scheme behind IWTs, how they are to be financed and the names of some of the principal partners in this scheme. Names UN,UNEP,World Bank,etc.
      Perhaps urban folks will enjoy using their pension funds to finance IWTs?

  2. People wonder why Dalton McGuinty is “anchored” to his “Green Jobs” mantra and the “Billions of $$$ of Investment Mantra”…

    Maybe there is an explanation…

    But seller after seller demanded at least face value for their tickets.

    “Where do you think you are, Phoenix?” wrote one angry real estate agent when offered $50 for upper bowl seats he purchased for close to $200.

    My response: “I’m in the middle of the pre-season – where are you?” He refused to believe current market conditions.

    Doug Porter, deputy chief economist of Bank of Montreal, said there is an investor psychology called “anchoring”, in which people apply a value to something based on what they paid for it.

    “Of course, it applies to stocks, too,” Mr. Porter says. “It has a profound impact on their view of an investment, even though it might not be totally rational in some cases.”

    “One of the reasons the housing market freezes up when it weakens is because sellers are unwilling to take any cut in price until they fully accept how weak the market has become,” said Mr. Porter.

    Some times we call it “buy-in” or “drinking the green kool-aid”…

    “Not totally rational”…??? Premier Dalton McGuinty? The man may have a point!

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