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I can’t vote for our local Liberal candidate for two main reasons and I know for some people these won’t even be on their radar. I take issue with his stance on local wind turbine development and his stance on the Green Energy Act (GEA).  When any other industry wants to build or operate a business in a municipality, the residents have the right to have their concerns about pollution, noise, health etc. heard and addressed. However, in the case of wind turbines, we have a government that has taken away the rights of municipalities and citizens to object to such developments.

Many of our local municipalities have passed resolutions asking the Liberal government for a moratorium on industrial turbine development. In fact our local Liberal candidate supported such resolutions at both the municipal and county level but has now flip-flopped and turned a deaf ear to these appeals in order to tow the Liberal party line.

His view on the Green Energy Act is that it may need some ‘tweaking’ but is vague on any details He has also stated he is against giving back any planning controls to municipalities. He doesn’t believe they have the resources to deal with these large multi-national corporations with deep pockets and perhaps he’s right. What he fails to do is to propose altering the GEA in any substantial way in order to arm municipalities and citizens with the resources and tools needed to deal with these corporations.

One case in point: citizens concerns over ‘green’ developments on local property values. Time and time again opponents to turbines have asked the Liberal government and corporations to guarantee property values only to be called NIMBYs and dismissed. Even the staff of our government MPAC agency rejected outright a claim to reduce taxes for a home situated within 450 meters from two industrial turbines in Bruce County as they considered the value comparable to other homes in the area.

In contrast to this stance, any home in Denmark within 6 times the overall tip height of a turbine (900 meters for most) is entitled to a free impartial assessment and any property value devaluation of over 1% has to be paid by the developer before the turbine is built. Homes at sites further than 6 times the tip height can apply and pay a fee of about $750 Canadian for a property value assessment which is refunded if the assessor determines that the property value has been adversely impacted by greater than 1%. The GEA has been hastily constructed has been tampered more than once for political reasons and truly does need a major overhaul to serve the best interest of Ontario.

I’m afraid if our local Liberal candidate hasn’t listened to our local municipalities, our local constituents and even our local health authority on this issue, he won’t represent our interests at Queen’s Park.

John Glover, Municipality of Meaford

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  1. Thank You Mr Glover! If only somebody would listen, and do something positive about it….

    • Urban Ontarians have been kept in the dark about the true issues surrounding IWTs as the MSM has not reported the true facts but some are reporting this now.

  2. There is alot of room in the turbine nacel, maybe some of the yes voters can live in existing ones like a Toronto condo. The mayor of Smithville would, he told me he would live next to one with his family. Here is his email Please help me by supplementing my regular emails to him. Maybe he and Haldimand Mayor Hewitt can shack up together in one.
    I was vote 568 against last night. We are at 581 now. Too many lobby groups. Really…..who would live near one without financial gain. What a load of malarky.

  3. John Glover is absolutely right, in his assessment of the anti-democratic GEA and the lying Liberal stance, on ramming it down the throats of rural Ontarions.There are several Liberal candidates, who were municipal councilors and/or mayors, whose minds have been totally spun, corrupted.
    Problem is, like John said, it`s not even on most voters radar. They haven`t a clue, what`s being planned on their doorstep, or the actual, emense size of these totally useless, ugly, monstrosities. They have just listened to and unfortunately beleived, big wind proponents and lying Liberal propagandists. This seems to be a very unfortunate reality in Ontario politics. The likes of the Toronto Star and all Torstars` other small town papers, reporting only the handpicked (by lefties) facts and fiction that suits their warped agendas, especially as it pertains to climate change science or lack thereof, is not doing Ontarions any good. It results in us getting governments, who aren`t who we thought they were.
    It`s fine to say everyone should do their homework, before voting, but if people can`t beleive what they read in newspapers,which is about as far as a lot of people go to learn the issues, where does that leave them? Misinformed instead of uninformed?
    Fact is, I`m sure if all voters knew the true cost of McGuintys green energy plans, involving wind and solar, as well as their contibutions to our actual power consumed, greenhouse gas emissions etc.(in other words the reality on the ground),plus if they knew what Hudac & the Cons. are really about, most would be supportive. They`d be crazy not to, unless they hate Ontario and want us to be Canadas` worst province, as we are thanks to McGuinty. Well, maybe second worst, at best.
    But we`re heading for dead last, for sure, with the Lying Liberal plans(or lack thereof!). The NDP is as bad or worse, and a coalition of NDP/Liberal is an absolute nightmare! And that`s where we may be headed, all because voters are misinformed/uninformed. Just the way Liberals like them! Can you say “Sussex Strategy Group”?

  4. Most people have little time in their day to day lives to understand what is happening with their government.
    This is one of the most important Provincial elections we have had in decades.
    Our freedom and democracy are at stake .
    When a government that had asked us to elect them to serve us , legislates away the right for you to have a say in the planning and future of the communities you live in there is something broken.
    People sacrificed their lives for us to have a democratic government. Their sacrifice must be honoured .
    Call the legislation what you will , The Green Energy Act , is legislation that removes our right to have a say in the planning of our own communities.
    No political party deserves a place in our system of governing that would pass legislation like that. That is a dictatorship.
    Is this the kind of government we want to leave our future generations?
    I hope not.
    Oct.6 , please Vote. This election is too important to not bother.

    Ernest Horvath
    Coalition for Ethical Government

  5. Many people will say that they would live near an IWT because they have seen too many idyllic commercials and photos with the happy family in front – you know the one I mean – mom, dad, little girl, toddler boy, Rufus, the dog. Then to complete the picture there are dandelions, some gone to seed, shedding their wispy, poofy fluff. Sun is shining and all is good with the world.

    Meanwhile, 1 km away lives a family who has been devastated. Their world has turned upside down. No one can sleep properly, all are stressed, even Lassie, the dog. Flicker, noise, vibrations, etc. affects everything they do in what was once their happy, safe home. This is the part most people never get to see.

    The IWT industry, with corrupt politicians, and bureaucrats with questionable morals have convinced many people that wind turbines are green and clean. Not until one takes the time to look at both sides of the IWT argument does one realize that IWT’s are NOT green and clean.

    Vote PC on Oct. 6, so that we can figure out what to do with the mess McGuinty has allowed and even encouraged to occur in Ontario. When it comes to the Green Energy Act, it is not based on democracy, it is something that would have occured under a Communist regime.

    • Well they dont call themselves communists anymore, they prefer terms like “social democrat”. They will make us all live in poverty wanting to neuter and spay us all. Scrap the fit and alot of these destructive social democrats will just disappear or move on. As far as the wheat field pictures on there pamphlet…..what does that have to do with a gd IWT. Maybe a class action of false advertisement is in order!

  6. Forget about living in or near one, I’ve always thought they should be built in urban centers with a wind assisted revolving restaurant up top!!

  7. local fiberal kevin eccles was a NO show in the Lions Head candidates meeting last nightMy guess is he had to spread lies else where!

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