Premier Dad sneaks into Lindsay

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  1. I was there. That sleezy McGuinty just sat there on the bus with a great big smile and waved. I swear he has no feelings in him at all.

  2. Anybody else wish the bus would have tipped, or at least got stuck in the wet grass when he tried to avoid the protestors? Actually, stuck would be good, then he’d finally have to face the people.

  3. Thanks for being there folks! Good job! I agree ‘windaction’, it would have been nice to see the bus get stuck,really stuck, so you folks could have gotten more in his ugly face, to wipe that sinister smurck off. Sounds like the corrupt, ‘all time worst premier’, needed that!
    I`m wondering where he went in Lindsay, but my guess would be the hospital, to take credit for the MRI that Laurie Scott, our wonderful Con. MPP brought to Lindsay, before stepping aside to let John Tory run, for a much needed seat in the legislature at Queens Park. And the great additions/ renos, done by Mike Harris common sense government, which in hindsight, was like heaven, compared to this McGuinty hell on earth.
    My apology for not joining you folk at the protest, but I knew nothing about it,or for sure I`d have been there, with 1/2 hr. notice. Hopefully there`ll be another close by (within 100 kms.of my home). Thanks again folks, good work!
    P.S. Keep up the fight everyone, we`re almost there, don`t get discouraged, remember the federal election on May 2/11. It looked like Harper wasn`t going to win, until the surprise ending, majority gov.! That`s exactly what`s transpiring provincially! Same deal! So we must work hard, speak up/out to everyone you know or encounter. We must win! For our children and grandchildren. This is wayyyyyy too important, to throw in the towel. Ever!

  4. He may sneak back into power…

    “Hudak’s to lose” read the headline on an Ipsos Reid poll in August, that indicated the Ontario Progressive Conservatives held an 11 point lead on Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals. If a new Ipsos poll — the last of the 2011 election campaign — is to be believed, then Tim Hudak has done just that.

    The Ipsos poll conducted for the Ottawa Citizen suggests Mr. McGuinty is set to become the first Ontario Premier in more than 50 years to win three back-to-back majorities, with the support of 41% of voters — an increase of three points since the start of the campaign.

    • Perhaps out of Ontario investors and potential IWT investors have been kept in the dark as to what the real situation is in rural Ontario regarding IWTs. Outsiders have to rely on information they get from the GTA financial houses and the press. There are a big financial incentives to keep this scam going.

    • Keeping a lid on bad news for any type of investment allows those in the know to dump their investments off on unsuspecting new investors before they can find out what is going on.

  5. First of all you don’t know what they asked , who they polled , where they polled.
    But this “poll” is working ….as per your comments…you are questioning…it is meant to kead people a certain don’t even know if there is a poll …
    It is the spin groups we all know about here….

    • Ernest:

      I was one of the people polled so I do know the questions. Just a coincidence I am sure as I was polled about six times over ten days…

      It was definitely a “leading question” style of poll designed to elicit Liberal support.

      So there! 🙂

      • So David, when you say it was “a leading question style of poll designed to elicit Liberal support”, do you mean it`s quite possibly skewed, to sound like Libs. have more support than they really do, which they hope will make fence sitters join the club and vote Liberal as well?
        Unless it backfires, and they and others decide at last minute, to vote Conservative, as happened federally
        I don`t know if it would help or hinder the Cons. chances, but I certainly think Harper has every right to speak up in support of Hudac bargaining with the feds.over health care or anything else for that matter, after they made a commercial that says they are better equipped than Hudac, to make deals with Harper.
        If Libs. were to win,(they won`t, I`m just saying) I`d love to see Harper, do to McGuinty, what Crooked Jean The Lying Machine Chretien, did to Harris, by cutting transfer payments 50% for health & social programs, to eliminate the federal deficit.Then he could also be praised as a great deficit slayer,just like Paul Martin! It would be interesting to see how McStupid compares to Harris when given equal opportunity. My hunch, he`d cry like a baby,the gutless wimp, instead of leading like Harris, a real man, and best premier in many years! Caveat :I`m not a big fan of some things Harris did, but he did as he said with no help from the feds..

      • Douglas:

        You understand.

        It was complete with questions regarding my willingness to “fight CO2” pollution and protect the environment. The questions were designed to make you feel like a total twit if you put cost and efficiency ahead of the “green Dream” — I imagine a lot of people went for it.

        We will see if it translates into Liberal support.

  6. Thanks David:
    I take it that was a very bias, anti-Con., survey?
    To cheer us up, there is an Angus Reid survey out this am.It was an online suvey of 2000plus voters, of which I was one. It was a straight up, totally unbias pol, that put the Cons ahead by 3%! That`s more like it, don`t you agree? I`m pretty sure Earnest would agree!
    So let`s stay positive, because we are winning and we are going top win a majority! No choice!

  7. You have to remember the public relations people Mcguinty has bought with our dollars is pulling out all the stops.
    Those polls are to give McGuinty more votes and demoralize nonsupporters.
    And these unsupported polls are nothing more than PR spin ..yes, it never stops with this party
    I am sure there is a job for McGuinty at the UN..they could use a guy like him and he would fit right in.
    Governor of Afghanistan was one hope.I had.
    Healthcare surcharges
    HST . on top of taxes ….you can’t even die without this crook ripping you off.
    100% electricty increase
    Heat and Gas all intentionally overpriced.
    Cap and Trade which will suck $3000 out of everyones pockets next year.
    Subsidizing foreign students with our tax dollars while our kids struggle with tuition.
    Job incentives for immigrants while we are at 12% unemployment…you have to add in the people off grid..McGuinty never mentions them.
    In fact our unemployment rates are horrible
    Good jobs like Ford leaving country and replaced by $12 an hour solar panel plant jobs
    Hospitals closed causing longer travel times
    Schools closed causing as much an hour of travel time for children being bused
    Tens of millions of your tax dollars paid to Public Relations firms hiding as Enviro Agencies to groom you and even your kids to buy into the Liberal scams.
    Seriously….I could write a book .
    You would have to be pretty thick not to know that they day after the election , after looking the camera and promising the world , Mcguinty is just going to say..
    “There is never a bad time to change your mind to do something right. And tfor me , Dalton Mcguinty , the right thing to do is not keep one promise I have made to you to get elected.”
    Except for the Private Energy Companies and the the corporate beneficiaries of Cap and Trade.

    • Earnest:
      That pretty much sums it up Earnest! Like you say, you could go on & on until you`ve written a book! If all voters knew even 10% of this stuff, there`d be no more Liberal voters, other than the hard core criminals like McGuinty himself.
      I`m going to say my prayers tonight, which is something, I must admit, I`ve neglected to do, for longer than I remember.
      But tomorrow is the most important day, than any in recent or even long term memory.
      We`ll see if there is a God & or perhaps if he likes me !

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