The Chopping Block: Green energy

By Jack M. Mintz, Financial Post
In the upcoming federal budget, the Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty, has an opportunity to reduce further various green-­energy incentives. Contrary to the typical fabrication, these subsidies do not create more jobs. Sure, if you throw enough money at something, you can create jobs in that sector. But it doesn’t mean more jobs or growth for the whole economy. Read article

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  1. Is it supposed to create jobs in Canada? or China where a turbine can supposedly be manufactured for one third of the cost? Canada does not grow by giving away industry!
    Here in Melancthon hte newest wind project is financed by a Chinese Government owned company – originally it was a group of local farmers who got together with their personal savings to invest in wind power, then floudered financially and were bought out by this Dufferin Wind Power Inc company. Dont be fooled, the turbines will be in Melancthon – 12 of the 49 to be placed all around us ! – but the profits will likely be going to the Chinese Government owned wallets!

  2. Another interesting article along the same line…

    GUELPH – An economist at the University of Guelph says if Ontario’s experiment with green energy is similar to what’s happened in the European Union (EU), the province can look forward to higher taxes, a net loss of jobs, and little difference in terms of green house gas emissions.

    Speaking at the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors’ annual conference on June 2, Dr. Glenn Fox said the economic model for Ontario’s Green Energy Act is not sustainable and has many implications for rural Ontario.

    Fox, who is chair of the Agricultural and Rural Policy Research Program at the University of Guelph, said since most of the infrastructure for Ontario’s green energy plan is being constructed in rural Ontario, it has become one of the most controversial and divisive issues to emerge that he’s seen in his career.

    No surprises there…

  3. The Liberals signed us on
    The NDP fully support it.
    Cap and Trade is looming this January 2012.
    Yet nothing has been said in this election about Cap and Trade in election campaigns.
    This agreement will cost households close to $3000 a year in hidden taxes , fees or increased prices in this province.
    The money will be used globally to fund 3rd world emerging nations in industrialization through programs for energy , and infrastructure.
    McGuinty has already begun providing education subsidies to foreign students to provide the education required by these countries.
    Cap and Trade is global corporate welfare.
    The shift is moving the economy to 3rd world nations as the new frontier for corporate opportunities.but they need billions of your dollars to do it.
    Auto manufacturing plants are already being built there.
    It is just a matter of time before we see Ford , GM , Honda , Toyota leave Ontario.

    3rd world populations are so enormous , at approx 5 Billion people , and what corporations need is the capital going to these cpontries to get manufacturing moving and provide jobs for those people because once these people in these countries begin to have disposable income the more they can purchase and consume.
    The provinces that have natural resources to sell to these emerging nations will continue to do very well as long as those resources last.
    Provinces like Ontario , a once vibrant manufacturing economy will become what the Maritimes once were.
    While we begin a downward slide of our quality of life , social services like education , healthcare , pensions , social safety net programs due to less disposable income, and see job losses due to high operating costs for business in Ontario and a major market shift.
    Canada and the USA will lose prosperity.

    Those that still have jobs will see higher taxes to bolster the Ontario falling revenues.
    We should all get ready for longer lines at foodbanks.

    From all the promises thrown out there , there has been no talk of this.
    As Dalton has promised , there will be tax increases. And he may be telling the truth.

    BUT , he didn’t say there will not be NEW taxes coming.
    That you can rest assured you can count on.

    Coming to you this January 2012…

    Thank you Dalton McGuinty !

    Thank you so much for wiping out a once vibrant Ontario economy..
    What should you care ?
    You have a great pension paid by us and I am sure there is already a job waiting at the UN for you.

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