CTV Provincewide looks at the wind issue

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  1. Will this be a story based on logic or on ideology and emotion? A logical case for IWT installations in Ontario can’t be made so this is just ignored.

  2. I’m so fed up of hearing people claiming they are all for wind energy, or renewables in general. Clearly they do not understand the full picture and undermine the efforts to show the scam that is wind energy. Duguid claiming that coal usage has gone down by 90% since 2003 misleads the public with a half truth because coal production was up during that time as the much needed backup for nuclear reactors requiring refurbishment. Naturally, now that these are online, the usage of coal is down and it’s not because of his idiotic pursuit to include wind on our grid. He also forgets to let everyone know that the general electrical consumption has gone down because of the 2008 financial fallout which saw 100’s of manufacturers leave or shut down in Ontario.

    As a resident who must live with turbines, the only thing I hear from these wind fighters is the need to stop and do a study on the guinea pigs living with turbines. Nothing about how wind is plain and simply a boondoggle, a scheme and the latest green marketing spin for companies seeking hefty taxpayer support for their own personal profit. Why do so many continue to politically pander to this idea of proper setbacks as the solution when it will not stop these green impostors from gouging Ontario taxpayers of billions of dollars for a source of electricity that will not solve our energy issues, will not reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and contrary to popular perception, will no solve our environmental problems. Instead of outrage from the public, wind developers are allowed to continue to wrap themselves in the cloak of clean, green and free energy which merits them the moral high ground based on the perception that they are attempting to do something about global warming.

    After 5 years of researching wind energy and energy issues, I have yet to find the independent, objective studies (using real-world data, not models) that show that wind energy actually is technically, economically and environmentally beneficial. Wind is not green, clean nor cheap!!!

    • Rural Grubby, you are using logic here and that is a no-no for eco-nuts and politicians. Issues must be decided by ideology and emotion for them. And renewable energy developers decide issues on whether or not they can make a fast buck in Ontario from this scam.

    • It doesn’t really matter whether you argue health, economics, corruption, environmental damage McGuinty is in sooo deep he will not acknowledge the mess he has created.
      Many have argued on all fronts and they are all valid.
      It’s that damn McGuinty….he is totally out of control.

    • One other hidden bit of news by DooGooD is that for those of us living on the north shore of Lake Erie, we are smothered by particulate matter from the coal fired plants lining the Ohio river valley and there is NOTHING the Ontario Liberals are doing, have done or are going to do to protect us from that dirty coal!

  3. If you dislike the vibrational hum from electric sub-stations, then you may well be similarly affected by the intensity fluctuations in the sound emitted by the impellers of wind turbines.

    Low frequency emissions affect and disorientate a small but not insignificant proportion of the population. Most sensitised observer’s have the perception of a beating ‘hum’ which is inaudible to the unsensitised and which often disturbs sleep. Consecutive thinking becomes difficult.
    In extreme cases sensitisation occurs and the response is then unbearable painful headaches.

    I can vouch that exposure to low frequency/high intensity disturbances prevents night time sleep and causes a permanent shift in sleep patterns to parts of the day when the low frequency emissions are ‘masked’ by other noise.
    The ‘hum’ is also continuously intrusive and destroys creative thinking.

    There appear to be no published surveys of the relationship between the tower sound emissions and the degree and distribution of these unpleasant responses throughout the community.
    We do not know what percentage of the population are affected, nor is it confirmed that a second sound source similar to an electrical transformer is necessary before the acute reactions ocur.

    Before erecting too many towers, surely we should find out.


    • Henry:

      You and I should have a short discussion. If you send an email I will respond within a couple of days. (I’m traveling).

      Figure out how to have MA (The Moderator) send one of us the others address.

    • Thank you so much for this explanation of what I have been experiencing for 3 years now. Would you direct me to a reference source so I could do further reading?

      With sincere appreciation

  4. They are intentionally bogging you down regarding studies.
    As far back as 2002 you have paid for many studies for the province
    They know full well what the issues are, they studied them globally.
    These studies also discussed how to deal with opposition
    You are seeing it in action
    ignore , redirect , minimize….straight text book
    You are collateral damage…acceptable losses

  5. Can anyone point me to reference material or studies on communities where wind turbines have increased the property values? I just viewed the responses from Capital Power (Haldimand County) on comments received during their open houses and in addition to quoting Arlene King and Dr. Colby they also answer many peoples concerns about property devaluation by stating that there are reports that turbines actually increase property values.

    From the CANWEA site: “It is promising to hear that the value of agricultural property has increased in most regions of Ontario, especially in areas like Chatham-Kent and Windsor-Essex where wind energy has also enjoyed significant growth over the past few years,” said Chris Forrest, vice-president of communications with CanWEA. “This would seem to run contrary to claims made by opponents that wind energy has decreased property values. Chatham-Kent, for example, has enjoyed a significant increase in farm land value in 2011 while also seeing several new wind farms come online.”

    There is no mention al the collateral damage around those farms ( all the non-participating receptors) All I ever seem to find are instances where people are living away from their homes and unable to find a buyer (unless it is the turbine company the buys them out to shut them up!!)

    So please let me know where I can find a buyer willing to pay top dollar for my home that will soon be host to 8 turbines within a mile or less, 13 within 2 miles, 39 within 5 miles. And then the next wind turbine farms begins, another 58 or so with half of those only 5 or 6 miles away. And then the next wind turbine farm begins another 100 or so but only 4 of them are near to my home – 5 or 6 miles away. Wow all of a sudden I am surrounded by almost 70 turbines! I certainly hope those studies that show increases in property values are based on the more turbines the more valuable your home becomes, as mine will soon be worth a small fortune!

    • King to me is like the lady that headed the EPA in the USA that went in after 911 and assured everyone that working there was safe. looking straight into the cameras.
      Colby is a wind lobbyist , a micro biologist , that speaks on the behalf of the Wind industry.
      I don’t think they are being candid. And I don’t think they speak for your interests..
      Welcome to the new world order.

  6. Lets say a hot dog stand is set up on your corner.
    To set up this hot dog stand , government pays them $10,000 a day in subsidies , allows them to charge $16 for a hotdog when a hotdog costs $5 anywhere else .
    Builds roads so people can get to this hotdog stand .
    This hotdog stand is garanteed all their hotdogs will be sold.
    And no one can start selling their hotdogs until all of the hotdogs have been sold by this particular hotdog stand.
    This hotdog stand’s advertising is also being funded through Trillium extolling the wonders of this particular hotdog stand , in fact they even advertise these hotdogs to your local public and high schools , so everyone goes over to buy hotdogs at this stand for $16.
    This is the alternate energy economy.
    Getting upset yet ?
    You have the mayor of Haldiman , on TV promoting IWTs , the man is in investments. The mayor promoting wind energy. ….if you can find out if he promotes investing in wind and solar companies , then you have a very good lawsuit..a class action would be cheaper as a group.
    Of course everyone knows your property values are affected with IWTs.
    It is about redirect , spin and minimizing. to take the focus off the scam being perpetrated on Ontarians.
    I think we keep walking around the makings of what took Paul Martin down, and his issue was far smaller.

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