Whether the residents like it or not, as far as the CAW is concerned, the project is moving forward

Ken Bondy, CAW

By Patrick Bales, Sarah Sloan, Shoreline Beacon
Standing 80 feet tall, Chantry Island Lighthouse is arguably the defining landmark of Saugeen Shores. From all points along the waterfront, and several throughout the municipality, the beacon can be seen, a reminder of home for those returning and a friendly hello for those visiting.  A new landmark, three times the size of the Chantry Island Lighthouse will soon welcome people to Port Elgin. However it is a “hello” seemingly few people want to hear.  A building permit has been issued to the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) to construct a nearly 250 foot (75 metre) wind turbine on the property of the CAW Family Education Centre. It is not certain when construction will begin, however Ken Bondy, national co-ordinator for the CAW said he expects the project to be completed sometime in 2012.  Read article

6 thoughts on “Whether the residents like it or not, as far as the CAW is concerned, the project is moving forward

  1. With regards to much of the discussion recently about boycotting Samsung products … maybe it’s time to look at the type of automobile we’re purchasing.

    On this issue, the crows are definitely going to come home to roost. CAW, CAW, CAW.

    • The EV market is being driven by subsidies right now but despite this world market forces will make the final decisions. EV subsidies can’t go on forever.
      EVs are suitable for mild climates, for people who only want to drive short distances and for those who can afford them. Recently read that the average Volt purchaser has a $175,000 income/yr. This makes for a very small sales market for EVs.

      • Just to clarify: I was suggesting that we may want to be choosy about the particular brand of car we buy, i.e., a vehicle not made by CAW affiliates.

        To some, this may seem like harsh medicine, especially in a tough economic climate.

        However, if I heard correctly, CAW leadership just told the people of Port Elgin to go screw themselves …

      • This IWT news probably came as a great surprise to very many CAW members. Seems the CAW leadership support for IWTs was kept well hidden. Internet searches confirm this

  2. What does the worker’s union representing the actual employees of the CAW Family Education Facility think about their workplace health and safety as they have 8 hour daily exposure to the turbine only 100 metres away when Provincial Health and Safety setback is 550 metres?

    Where is the CAW membership’s concern as their brothers are saying at this facilty for extended stays? Thousands of people stay at this facility every year. Leon Rideout, president of local 1255, supposedly contacted National Executive who agreed to delay the start. Now today CAW has told Town of Saugeen Shores construction begins on friday.

    Greg Schmalz

    • The CAW brothers and sisters will need to go inside every time lightning is detected within 50 kms of their beloved IWT.

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